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  • Joel

    I’m sorry, but that is not funny.

  • Ah Metro cops always funny, this photo is nearly two years old and totally real

    • It’s a picture from South Africa not the USA. Johannesberg actually. The article was talking about the poor state of affairs there.

      • Yes I know Im from South Africa. Cape Town actually. Major cities have Metro Cops and everybody else, suburbs and smaller town, get SAPS.

  • El Duderino

    This is actually a 28″ barrel gun. 🙂

  • Ares4991

    Too bad they don’t issue Papasha’s, it would offered a better chair.

  • Eddie Hutchison

    It looks real! But what a DUMB ASS!

  • Greg

    I hope he was suspended and sent for retraining.

    Here are a couple of dumb cops stories out of my town.

    One cop left his pistol belt w/ pistol in a bathroom stall
    and returned to find it gone. He was not at the pig pen at the time.

    The other cop responding to a bank robbery a few years back took his shotgun and Ar-15 out of his patrol vehicle and went to search on foot except he left both weapons on the roof of his car. They disappeared as well never to be seen again.

    • Anonymoose

      There’s a ton of cops around my area who keep leaving their gunbelts in the men’s room.

    • 11B

      Honest mistake leaving your weapon somewhere. We in the military have it drilled in our heads, but good dudes have left M4s laying around on accident. Could happen to anyone.

      • Bill

        How is that an “honest mistake”?! It’s people like you why the military sucks and MPs have their M9s dummy corded to themselves. It’s lethal government property and you lives depend on it. You are and idiot, oh infantry. Makes sense. Pound sand. Accident, more like being dumb and lack of discipline.

        • teslafreak

          There’s always something ironic about calling someone out for being stupid, and doing it in a post riddled with mistakes. Nice job.

    • Pig Pen—well that’s insulting!

  • A 12 gauge enigma?

  • the guy has it upside down! Why do you think it’s called a buttstock?!

  • Frank James

    Obviously a student of Joe Biden’s School of Self-Defense Shotguns.

  • Pete Sheppard

    That hurts just looking at it…though it appears that he has the muzzle under full control! Isn’t there some sort of rule about that???

  • BBB

    At least he bloused his boots….?

  • Rifleman336

    That one way to save on hemorrhoid surgery!!!! What that brown obstruction down the barrel… that a cigar????

  • Mazryonh

    I still remember seeing a PPSh-41 user putting the buttstock on the ground while sitting on the drum magazine. I don’t remember where the photo was taken or who those in the photo were.


    Omg , What an embarrassment to all the active duty and retired law enforcement officers like
    myself. That Officer should get days off for such a stupid and dangerous act. Then be remedial training in firearms safety. Nice ……..

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Couldn’t have happens to a nicer guy.

  • Great trigger discipline, anyhow. 🙂

  • Jacob Kenworthy

    I wish they still made the 1300

  • David Hinerman

    If nobody else will say it, I will.


    • Mazryonh

      How about “FIRE IN YOUR HOLE!” instead?

  • Allfirearmfansdonotlovetwang

    If he isn’t getting it at home….

  • Crowely

    Well, this is in Johannesburg South Africa. Given what we have been hearing about the quality of law enforcement in those parts, I am not surprised.

  • big daddy

    I keep thinking LEO tripod.

  • El Mexican

    I saw a bank guard in malaysia sleeping on a chair with the buttstock on the ground and the shotgun muzzle under his chin.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Doctor’s tool for Surgical Lumpectomy!

  • Mike Knox

    I’ve heard of buckshot mouth wash, but buckshot enema? Now that’s ridiculous..