SCG Lever Release 9mm AR-15 Carbine

A British company called the Southern Gun Company (SCG) has developed a semi-semi-automatic AR-15 rifle action they call the Lever Release. After a round is fired the bolt always locks back and to release it (and chamber a new round) a lever, located opposite the selector on the left side of the lower receiver, must be actuated. Because this lever must be manually toggled to load a new round in the chamber, the UK does not class this as a semi-automatic rifle and is therefor easier to own by regular folk. The rifle is demonstrated in the video below …

Many thanks to Jacob for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • B.

    I would be screwed, I’m a lefty. THANKS QUEEN ELIZABETH II!

  • Nobody Important

    Jesus…is this what the AR is going to be reduced to? Neutering it so that you have to manually release the action in between shots because mere citizens can’t be trusted with semi-automatic? God help us all if they see that shit on this side of the pond……

  • Esh325

    Great ingenuity. I guess it’s technically importable to the USA, lol.

  • J Grigg

    Beats the hell out of having no AR15.

  • Nick

    I hope they never import that monstrosity of a castrated AR into the US. The only benefit I see with such an action is if you are running it suppressed. Other than that, no and hell no!

    • sharpie.david

      There isn’t even the benefit when suppressed, the action still opens right after the shot, it doesn’t remain closed.

  • sharpie.david

    I agree with J Grigg, beats the hell out of having no AR.

    AR-15s are legal in the UK, but they are straight pull bolt action, so you have to change your firing grip, with this system you can release the bolt without changing your grip.

    I think it’s pretty cool.

    • MattyT

      You can own a .22 semi-auto AR15 as well 🙂

      • Douglas

        How do they control uppers?

        • sharpie.david

          My guess, strictly.

          The control calibres too.

          • Entropy

            To a degree. The only centrefire semi-automatics we’re allowed are .22 LRs, but if a rifle is bolt action we can have whatever calibre we want provided we can show that we have access to a range suitable for its use. You can have a .50 BMG if you want, but there are few ranges in the UK where you can safely fire one. We’re a small country (smaller than California!) and with a high population, so you have to be pretty careful about where you let off weapons.

          • gunslinger

            can you link to a centerfire .22LR? I’m pretty interested in seeing one of those.

          • sharpie.david

            “The only centrefire semi-automatics we’re allowed are .22 LRs”

            Dude, the .22 LR is rimfire.

            Yeah, the small country, large population is why silencers are allowed right?

      • sharpie.david

        Ahh right, that’s true.

  • spudro

    The Empire in which the sun never set has degraded into… this?

    • Esh325

      I don’t think you can judge a country on only its gun laws.

      • mickny

        Yes, you can.

        • Esh325

          You can, but it’s stupid.

    • Quiet_time

      I do believe the sun has set.

  • Bull

    so they have made the BHO that engages after each round and made a lever to disengage it? i think i would prefer to use a spring and a magpul BAD lever…

    • Bull

      Never mind. its obvious more complex than that

  • Vaquero357

    Not to get anyone in trouble…. but what if you held the release lever down? True semi auto? or is there a second dis-connector?

    • sharpie.david

      Apparently it would feck up the gun and void the warranty.

  • Guest

    Crawl, Britania.
    Shoot, pull zee lever, hail ze Kween-Fuerer, stick a Chicken up yer nose, stand on yer head, THEN, shoot again. Yer free, coz ya nan Vote, mate! Yay!

  • Crawl, Britania.
    Shoot, pull zee lever, hail ze Kween-Fuerer, stick a
    Chicken up yer nose, stand on yer head, THEN, shoot again. Yer free,
    coz ya can Vote, mate! Yay!

  • shenji

    ‘Bloody gun is f* jammed!!! Noooo!!!!!11’
    (Being eaten by zombies…)
    ‘Oh I forgot dat bloody level…’

  • me ohmy

    I think a redesign using the safety would be excellent for us yanks

  • jamezb

    Folks, the Queen doesn’t make policy or direct the political parties in the UK at all. She’s just a figurehead…a living “Uncle Sam”, so to speak. If You wanna bad mouth the correct culprits (and please feel free to do so!!!) -please direct your anger toward the Prime Minister and the Houses of Parliament, the de facto leader and legislative body of the socialist policy making machine.

    • We don’t have to leave the rifles locked up in a gun club, in fact my club specifically bans that (either for legal, or possibly litigious reasons, I’m, not 100% sure).

      They have to be securely stored at home (gun safe) and that storage has to be police inspected before we get a license in the first place.

      Yeah, I know… 🙁

  • It’s a passable solution to a shitty situation for gun rights over there, I’m sure a lot of Limeys who are AR fans will think it’s better than a straight pull AR every day of the week…

    • sharpie.david


  • no worse than pump aks

  • Gage

    Would likely have a strong reception in states like NY and CA.

    • Except not really, because (so far) we’re still allowed to have regular semi-auto’s.

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        Except that modern sporting rifles with any muzzle device, pistol grip, or useful features are banned in NY. So yes, this is would be a viable option until Comrade Cuomo bans it another amendment.

        Source: soon to be ex New Yorker

  • jamezb

    You know, after thinking about it, and reminding myself aimed fire from a rifle beats spray-n-pray to pieces, I bet that with practice this system could be learned and effectively employed as a range teaching tool for ACTUAL semiautomatic rifles. A manual reset between shots gives a moment to check sights, breathing, etc.
    …Nah. —-still can’t justify it.
    the angled magazine well is kinda attractive though for a pistol mag AR.

    • Cymond

      It looks like a Glock mag to me. If you want a 9mm fed by Glock mags, check out Lone Wolf and Double Diamond

      • sharpie.david

        In the video he said it was a modified Uzi mag.

        • Cymond

          You’re right, the one in the video is definitely an Uzi mag, and comes down from the magwell vertically. However, I was referring to the rifle in the picture, which has an angled mag.

  • James Pfaff

    I had the exact same idea as this, because I live in CA of course!

  • Mike Knox

    So this is what happens if you hand over the keys to your Gun Cage over to Nanny..

  • Matt k

    Thats my youtube video!

  • AT777T

    Hmm, perhaps a second “trigger” outside the guard would be preferable (and ambidextrous). Or would that somehow count as semiauto?

  • us gunner

    Lmao. The UK sucks ass. TG for America.