Lew Horton / Kahr CW45 All American Special Editions

Lew Horton Distributing has partnered with Kahr to offer two special editions of the Kahr CW45 .45 ACP pistol. The Kahr CW45 All American DTOM has “ALL AMERICAN” etched on the left side of the stainless slide, and “DON’T TREAD ON ME” on the right side.




The Kahr CW45 All American Flag Edition has the same text as the DTOM edition but with a background of   stars and stripes that adorn the entire slide, including the top.



These attractive pistols have a MSRP of $625.95

Steve Johnson

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  • Esh325

    Keep that gimmicky garbage off my handguns.

  • Echo412

    That font used for the engraving might as well be Comic Sans.

  • floppyscience

    Do not want.

  • Treading on a loaded gun may not be the smartest thing to do anyway 🙂

  • Vak


    * owned by a South Korean Mega-Corporation linked to the Moon cult.

    • Anonymoose

      OWNED by the Moon cult.

      Also, copied from an Austrian design and using a made-up German-sounding name for marketing.

  • Ian

    Does patriotism always have to be tacky in this industry

  • Ben 10

    i want!!!

  • me

    What a eye sore,.horrible!

  • NRA Lifer

    Having carried concealed for decades now, I know a primary dealmaker in a pocket semi-auto is a recessed or otherwise fully protected mag release button. Reliability means nothing if the mag has disengaged, and a protruding mag release button is the culprit in all such danger. A pocket pistol needs the opposite of a speed-reload capability, if that’s the trade-off. My human fingers are dexterous enough that I’ve never had trouble operating a flush or recessed button on anything else, and I wish more gun manufacturers understood the common sense of a flush or indented mag release for subcompacts to be carried on the body and/or in pocket holsters.

  • Kaj

    “These attractive pistols have a MSRP of $625.95”

    Um, no. These are anything but attractive.

  • David

    Calling it “attractive” does not make it so.

  • Big J

    That engraving is garbage..

  • LouGots

    Opinions differ. I find the Kahr to be a much better carry piece than that other hybrid action, the one that rhymes with “suck,” which has wide grips which do not point naturally, and triggers which are so rough and creepy that one can actually hear them drag. Even a works Glock has an atrocious trigger.

    The Kahr .45’s SHOOT. They are a like a suck–I mean a Glock–designed by someone who understood marksmanship. Only hits count. .