GAMO Whisper Fusion Pro Airgun Review

This post was written by Dr. Jim & Mary Clary.

GAMO has been designing and building high powered air rifles for adults for over 50 years.  They have their own factory located in Spain where the air rifles are made.  In that way, they can control the integrity and quality of all critical parts.  Their rigorous inspection system and ongoing testing, results in a quality product that is unmatched in its price range.  And, if there is a problem with one of their rifles, their service center has a rapid turn-around-time.  I know that for a fact, as I had some work done on the stock of my Bone Collector.  Including transit time, it was under three weeks…. out and back.  For the record, the service center folks did not know we were writers and testers.  As far as they knew, I was just another GAMO customer.  That tells me that they really do care.

After seeing the Whisper Fusion Pro at the 2013 SHOT Show, I decided to order one.  If it performed as advertised, it would mean that GAMO once again “raised the bar” on airgun technology. The Fusion Pro arrived two weeks later.  It was just as I remembered, a very good looking gun that felt right when you put it to your shoulder.  The eight pound weight of the Fusion Pro is comparable to many hunting rifles, which makes it easier to hold on target than lightweight airguns.

Although the gun only fires 100 feet per second faster than the well known GAMO Bone Collector, 1400 fps compared to 1300 fps, the devastating effect on our targets was demonstrably greater.  I know that doesn’t sound logical, but it is a fact.  Using GAMO PBA Platinum pellets in both guns… hit a can with the “slower” 1300 fps Bone Collector and the can is knocked over.  Hit a can with the 1400 fps Fusion Pro and the can hardly moves; yet, the pellet leaves a 3/8″ hole in the can.  I can just imagine what it will do to small game…. a guaranteed humane kill.

The only drawback for me was the cocking effort… the Bone Collector requires 32 lbs to cock, while the Fusion requires a hefty 41 lbs.  The extra poundage is due to the stronger spring and additional baffling to quiet the Fusion Pro.  The Bone Collector is very quiet for a high velocity airgun, but the Fusion is even quieter.  That makes for an excellent squirrel gun next fall.

The open sights are larger than found on most rifles making them exceptionally easy to use.  The elevation and windage wheel adjustments on the rear sight makes fine-tuning during sight-in simple and quick.  The neon green and red fiber optics in the open sights make holding on target very easy.  You don’t find these extras on many other airguns.

Front sight

Photo by J. Clary

Rear Sight side view

Photo by J. Clary


The optics on the 3x9x40 GAMO scope are crystal clear and is comparable to many high end centerfire riflescopes.   In fact, in our previous article on the Bone Collector (which I really liked) I stated that it would be nice if GAMO would put a better scope on future guns.  They did just that with the Fusion Pro.  This scope is definitely first class, far better than any low-end scope we have seen that are usually sold for airguns and .22 caliber rifles.  It even comes with a parallax setting for 50 yards.  And, the scope rings (included) are already fixed on the scope to insure proper mounting on the Fusion.

We tested the Fusion Pro with three different GAMO pellets:  Red Fire, Lethal and PBA Platinum.

pellet composite

Composite by J. Clary – pellets are not to exact scale.

We set up our targets and used the Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod for stability during the shoot.  The target distance was 25 yards, with a few pellets fired at 50 yards to test the effect of the pellets on cans.  The results speak for themselves.  Each of the three pellets produced very accurate results as illustrated by the following targets.  Since our Chrony does not accurately measure the velocity of pellets, we could not record the velocity of the pellets for comparison.  However, if the accuracy means anything, the velocity was comparable for all three pellets.

Pellet targets


GAMO made a giant leap forward with this gun.  Instead of using the grooves on the receiver for scope ring attachment, which is common on most airguns and 22 caliber rifles, they installed a raised rail (standard).  When the scope is attached, it is solid and cannot slip backward or forward along the rail, which is not an uncommon problem with scopes mounted on grooved receivers.

The trigger is crisp, with no creep and makes accurate shooting easy.  The 3.74 lb “out of the box” pull was easily adjusted down to 3 lbs for increased accuracy.   I would still like to see a metal trigger blade, as opposed to the plastic blade that is standard on these guns; however, that is just my personal opinion.  The SAT™ functions just fine, I am just old-fashioned and prefer metal or high end polymer materials whenever possible.


                                                                                                                                                                          Whisper Fusion Pro Configuration Specifications
Weight: 8.00 lbs

Length: 43’’
Ammunition: Any .177 Pellet
Caliber: .177
Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs (adjustable)
Barrel Length: 18 in
MSRP: $329.95

Mechanism Specifications:
Velocity:  1400 feet per second (fps) with PBA Platinum
33 mm cylinder – High power plant
Single Shot
Break Barrel – Single Cocking System
Automatic Cocking Safety System
Barrel – Fluted Polymer Jacketed Steel with Whisper Fusion Technology*
*Double Integrated Noise Dampening
Cocking Effort – 41 lbs
Trigger – Two stage adjustable SAT™  (Smooth Action Trigger)
Fiber optics front and rear sights
Manual Safety

Stock Specifications
All Weather Molded Synthetic
Butt Plate – SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber) Recoil Pad with up to 74% recoil absorption
Cheekpiece – molded on each side for both Right and Left handed shooters
Rubberized grips on stock

Optics Specifications
Scope ramp – raised rail
3-9×40 air rifle scope with adjustable objective
50 yard fixed parallax correction
Fully multi-coated fog proof glass lenses
Field of View in Degrees under Low Power  6.5o – 34.2 ft.
Field of View in Degrees under High Power 2.2 o – 11.6 ft.

If anyone has any questions on the Whisper Pro Fusion, they can feel free to contact Fedor Palacios, the Marketing Communications Manager for GAMO.  I have had several emails with him.  Fedor is most responsive and more than willing to help with any problem or question.  In this day and age of impersonal corporations, it was really nice to find out that GAMO has Fedor who stands ready to field all questions.

In our opinion, this is absolutely the best air rifle that GAMO has ever made.  It costs a bit more, but is well worth the price.  It should provide years of service for both the target shooter, occasional plinker and avid hunter.  I love my Bone Collector, but I gave it to Jim, as I am keeping the Whisper Fusion Pro for myself.  GAMO has definitely “raised the bar” on airguns with this rifle.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • I’ve been looking into these. I thought they switched from springs to air pistons recently.

  • bbmg

    This is the same GAMO that makes a “zombie” air rifle…

    I don’t understand the US obsession with using lightweight pellets in order to obtain high velocities from springer airguns. The truth is that such pellets have a poor sectional density and lose their speed very quickly, and such projectiles are notoriously unstable in the transsonic range. They also offer little resistance to the spring piston which increases wear and the likelyhood of snapping the spring.

    Just $70 more gets you a Weihrauch HW95, something like that with medium weight pellets is a much more pleasant shooting experience from a proper “iron and wood” air rifle that will happily take small game out to 50 yards.

  • Fred

    Is the author of this article being sponsored by Gamo to write favorable things about them? Or has he he never used airguns from other brands. No offense but, Gamo is a manufacturer of low quality and overpriced airguns. The only thing that Gamo is good at is marketing. I so agree with bbmg spend a little more and get a Weihrauch. Weihruach has been in business
    for over 100 years and they dominate Gamo in every possible thinkable way. Why spend your money on Spanish junk if for a little extra you can get top quality German engineering.

    • Jack

      There is one line of airguns under Gamo that are amazing; BSA of England are very well made and their PCPs are insanely accurate for the price. All that aside, anything that Gamo produces that way made in Spain are total junk and are not worth your time. If anyone is looking for a cheap but quality airgun, Hatsan is a good place to start.

    • Doctor Clary

      For the record, Fred, we are not paid or sponsored by GAMO. We use their rifles on prairie dogs and coyotes on our place here in New Mexico, USA. If you check out our website, you will see that we do not accept sponsors or advertisers for it…. we pay our own way, as frankly, we don’t need the money or aggravation that would come with tying ourselves to a company. Weihruach makes a fine gun, no doubt about it, it is all about choice. You never see the products that we have tested that we have refused to report on, we leave that to others….. if we like something, we write about it, if not, we pass.

  • Fred

    I would like to challenge the author to fire a Weihrauch HW97/77 or maybe maybe even an Air Arms TX200 alongside this Gamo. You will soon realize how inferior Gamo really is.

    • Joe

      Slower, louder, and nearly twice the price…unless their accuracy is extremely better (the gamo seems pretty good), I don’t see the advantage of either the Weihrauch or air arms models you suggested.

      • bbmg

        If you feed them with silly “gimick” plastic or light alloy pellets, they will clock speeds just as fast as the GAMO. Anyone who is seriously interested in air rifles though knows that medium weight pellets are best for most rifles, giving greater consistency and better range, even if the pellets are “only” travelling at 950 fps or so.

        As to “louder”, according to a reputable source, a review of the GAMO “Whisper” claims:

        “Noise is what the new Gamo Whisper
        is all about, and I’ll address that issue for you right now. I don’t
        find the Whisper to be that much quieter than any other spring piston
        air rifle of comparable power. In fact, my tuned .22-caliber Beeman R1,
        which has no silencer, is quieter because its powerplant makes less
        noise. The powerplant is where the bulk of the noise of a spring gun
        comes from, not the discharge at the muzzle.

        Gamo claims a 52
        percent reduction in noise. If that’s true, the Whisper starts out as
        one of the loudest spring rifles in existence. I doubt that number.”

    • Hog hunter

      I owned a .177 Silent Cat. The mosst accurate air rifle ive ever fired. I have Benjamin Trail NP .25 caliber. Also Beeman .22 &.177. I find accuracy depends much on type of pellet. Doomed, for do best. Hollowpoints catch air and float occasionally. I anxiously am waiting for new Whisper Fusion Pro .22. Which Gamo has matched Benjamin by upgrading a replacement. I say sure, there may be what some believe to be better quality. Both Gamo and Benjamin stand 100% behind thier products. I can assure you that if thier products fail to perform, contact them and they will make it right or replace it. Also, many times accuracy problems are the shooters issue. These newer gas pistons are different and require a different technic or hold on rifle.

      • Lawrence perkins

        I recently purchased the gamo whisper fusion pro 22, and I’ve owned other gamo’s in the past!
        I must say this it is a wounderful rifle!! Accercy, power, style, and of course gamo reliableity!
        And for those other guys out there!! And you know who you are!!
        It’s not the rifle’s fault if the (SHOOTERS SUCKS)!!

  • Too bad we here in PA have outdated hunting regulations. I would love to use any of my current air rifles for squirrel and crow.

    • Jack

      That is the only thing CA got right is that you can hunt small game with an air rifle larger than 177.

  • Thomas Gomez

    Those are nice groups Sir! Nice article.

  • I have the Gamo Whisper, which is their entry-level air rifle. It’ll do 1000 fps lead and 1200 fps alloy. I never shoot alloy, and get consistent 1/4″ to 1/2″ groups at 25 yards with mine. Its comfortable and fun to shoot. Had to replace the crappy Gamo scope, but after that, it works great.

  • I am curious if the build quality is much higher in the pro than the IGT 1300fps version. Would you happen to know ? I am leaning IGT over spring for my first semi serious AR. Thank you

  • John

    I purchased a gamo whisper. Also the PBA pellets. I attempted to sight it in and was putting pellets all over the target. Switched to a steady rest and got down to a 4″ pattern at 20 yards. I could not put two shots into the same area. They spread all over the paper. I returned the gun to the store I got it from.

  • Billy

    Is this model IGT?