TAPCO Saiga Parts

Saiga stock

TAPCO makes a variety of components for the Saiga line of shotguns that are inexpensive, relatively easy to obtain and some help meet 922r regulation compliance.  Among them are new pistons, thread protectors, fasteners and stock sets.

The muzzle thread protector is available for the 12 gauge version of the Saiga shotgun.  It carries an MSRP of $12.99 and counts as one 922r part.

Saiga Thread

Retailing for $8.99, the stainless steel shotgun piston is available for both the 12 and 20 gauge versions of the Saiga line.  This also counts as a single 922r compliance part.

Although it does not count as a 922r part, the grip screw and T-nut are useful replacements to have on hand should you need them.  They retail for $7.99 and work with the original pistol grip for the Saiga shotguns and rifles.

An M4-type adjustable stock is also available for the Saiga shotguns.  It gives you a SAW-style pistol grip and a six-position adjustable buttstock.  MSRP is $69.99 and it counts as two compliance parts.

TAPCO makes a variety of polymer magazines for the AK47, AK75, SKS and AR15.  I would not be surprised to see them introduce 12 and 20 gauge magazines for the Saiga shotguns in the coming year.

Saiga stock

Richard Johnson

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  • Spencer

    The Tapco stock with pistol grip has a bad reputation because it does not make your rifle 922r compliant on it’s own, and unlike proper conversions it leaves the horrid standard Saiga sporter trigger in place.

    • Tim U

      Well of course it doesn’t make it 922r compliant on its own. The end user should know the law and plan accordingly.

  • Tim U

    I’ve Tapco-ized my Saiga into a 922r compliant shotgun. I may be the odd one out, but I actually like it. The only gripe I have is it’s a little long, but only a couple of inches. And for someone who doesn’t have access to a machine shop to do a full conversion, I think it’s a well worth it alternative. Just make sure you stay compliant.

    • Suburban

      You don’t need a machine shop to do a conversion. I did one with nothing more sophisticated than a $25 Black & Decker drill or a Dremel tool.

  • Mike Knox

    Really not sure about marketed products that nearly anyone can smithy up in their garage..

  • Will this fit the 7.62x54r VEPR?

    • n0truscotsman


      The Vepr is different because of its “cut” receiver.

      Another Vepr owner? good. There needs to be more of us >:D

  • n0truscotsman

    Im mad at tapco.

    Theyre busy fooling around with stupid stocks for the saiga (when a “converted AK74” saiga is a better option) when they could be spending their precious time redesigning their AK magazines so that theyre at least not complete pieces of junk.

  • CJS3

    I used the Tapco parts when I did my original conversion on my Saiga 308 winc. After I did the trigger conversion I kept the Tapco stock, but later replaced it (it rattles). If you’re just getting started on a conversion and are going to do it a little bit at a time, the Tapco parts are the way to go.