Samson Manufacturing files for bankruptcy

Rail and mount maker Samson Manufacturing has filed for bankruptcy in order to avoid paying a $933,000 court judgement awarded to their competitor Troy. Troy had sued Samson for using trade secrets covered by a confidentiality agreement to make competing products.  Union Leader reports

Troy Industries Inc. of Massachusetts filed suit against Samson after both companies filed for a patent. Samson got there first and won in patent court.

However, Troy filed suit and won in a federal court in Boston.

After Samson moved operations to New Hampshire, the judgment was filed in Cheshire Court Superior Court last December in which a judge upheld the judgment for $933,000.

Not having the cash on hand, Samson requested to make payments over a period of time, but Troy filed a motion in Cheshire County Superior Court to seize the company’s property.

“This is very much just a result of an overaggressive competitor,” Tamposi said. “I don’t expect any long term ramifications from the filing.”

After the bankruptcy filing is complete, all of Samson’s creditors will be paid, but Troy, Tamposi said.

“Since the filing, we’ve received overwhelming support from our creditors,” Tamposi said.

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  • Spencer

    Lol. That’s one way to stick it to “the man.” I must admit however, that I am far more impressed with Troy’s products then Samsons

  • Scott Samson breached a confidentiality agreement and misappropriated trade secrets and confidential business information. The court agreed with Troy.

  • David

    My job is in managing IP. IP and patents are what allows the little guys to compete with the big guys. It allows the lowly inventor, small business owner, casual citizen, to create something useful and make a living where big business would otherwise copy and smash the little guy. Non-Disclose/Non-Compete agreements are vital for small businesses relationships with larger ones. Troy was in the right. Samson breached the non-compete non-disclose in order to file a patent before Troy, even though the idea, based on the information at hand, seems to be Troy’s to begin with. I have no sympathy for Samson and their products aren’t very good by comparison to Troy’s. I’m not satisfied that they are trying to duck responsibility for basically stealing an idea.

  • Shawn

    I hope Samson goes out of business.

  • Cuban Pete

    Tamposi is talking out his ass. SECURED CREDITORS, and since Troy filed its claim in NH and got an attachment they’re a secured creditor, are paid in full BEFORE all other creditors.