How To Field Strip a H&K G36C

The folks at Funker Tactical have been producing a series on videos on the H&K G36C. In the video below they show you the field stripping process. I like that the G26 stock has holes to hold the takedown pins during disassembly so they do not get lost.

In the video below they do some slow-motion shooting with the G36C

Steve Johnson

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  • Spencedaddy

    is it just me or does that take down pin holding the recoil spring look a bit….ungainly

    if you were firing from the stock folded position, the recoil is putting all of the force on the side opposite of the one being supported..this all works well i imagine with the stock in position, but looks like a recipe for a lot of stress on the rear of the gun.

    Anybody else feel this way as well?

    • Frederick

      Well, the rear block has a supporting pin on top which goes into a steel-reinforced part of the receiver. This was designed so the weapon will not be destroyed (and the shooter injured) in case you forget to assemble the locking cam, turning the weapon into a blowback design. Very robust design indeed. It will shoot with the stock folded for ever.

    • Jake

      Why would you fire it with a folded stock in the first place? However we tried it out in the army and it works.

    • Mike Knox

      The return spring block has a peg on top that goes into a hole above it in the receiver. It sits locked when the rear pin is inserted..

  • Mike Knox

    He forgot about the interchangable mag-well..

  • AG

    I know it’s pedantic but it’s not a machine gun, is it?

    • Mike Knox

      It is if you’re a liberal..

  • Lance

    Makes you wish they make a legal semi auto version to buy. Alas HK bows to anti gunners too much.

  • big daddy

    Did I see bolt bounce? From what I understand that is not a good thing.

  • Nicholas

    There’s a lot to like about the G36 family: simple design, few parts, excellent build quality, reliable piston operation and good accuracy for an assault rifle.

    But I don’t like weapons with polymer receivers. I would much prefer it to made of aluminium.

    I like the way the charging handle can be operated left- or right-handed. It can also be used as a forward assist. Unfortunately, it prevents the weapon for having a low mounted rail that runs the length of the upper receiver. It also requires sights and accessories to be mounted high on the weapon – not great for shooting ergonomics – it can feel top heavy.

    If H&K could address both of these issues, it would have a world-class design. Until then, the AR15 still rules.

    • sianmink

      There’s a low rail available from HK that drops the business by about an inch.