Arsenal’s New SLR-106UR Muzzle Brake

Arsenal has redesigned the muzzle brake on their SLR-106UR AK-style pistol. The new design make it easier to fire one-handed.

From the press release …

This redesign puts Arsenal’s muzzle break among the most efficient within the firearms industry and stays in line with the company’s long history of quality, superior products. The SLR-106 UR, imported from Arsenal of Bulgaria, is a 5.56 NATO caliber, stamped receiver with an 8 1/2 inch chrome-lined, hammer-forged barrel. The pistol is also outfitted with a scope rail, black polymer furniture and comes with one 5-round, one 20-round magazines, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    Hmm if you screwed that brake to a full length16″ bbl would it outperform the other brakes on the market? Does the brake work as effectively with less than the excessive blast from a short barrel?

    • Esh325

      Hard to say, good question. Would be nice if they sold the brake seperately.

  • Why would anyone use an AK without a stock? A folding one would fit nicely.

    • Cymond

      In the US, we must choose between a stockless pistol with short barrel, or a carbine with at least a 16 inch barrel. To get a carbine with a barrel less than 16 inches, we must file federal paperwork, pay a $200 tax, wait for approval, and the rifle is registered. We have to notify the gov’t if we move to a different address. Many people are unwilling to deal with the red tape, so they just buy the pistols. Also, short-barreled-rifles are only legal in 30-some states. For example, it is possible to own an AK pistol in California, but not a short-barreled-rifle.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        That’s all correct, but it doesn’t exactly explain why people would buy a rifle caliber pistol. Something that IMO is only for ban states. I would rather a 16″ carbine over any AR/AK pistol ever. Once you have an SBR you realize how silly the pistols are.

    • n0truscotsman

      the abysmal laws prevent such common sense to happen without jumping through a few loops.

      Pistol AKs suck. Period.

      If you want a short AK, the SBR variant with a 12″ barrel and a folding stock is miles better than the Krinkovs (which were well known by their title of “little bitch” according to Russian troop citations in “Bear on the Mountain”)

      Needless to say, you need a stock. With just a pistol grip, they’re damn near impossible to shoot decent.

  • Esh325

    I’d almost prefer if they just imported an AK with a 16 inch barrel and no stock, then you could convert it into rifle, and quite nearly 100% foreign made.

  • Dick Chees

    Very cool to see the improvement but I am dismayed as I have a slr-106U that I bought last year that sadly has the “old” muzzle brake. I. Pretty sure it’s permanently attached too.

  • creamyrpk

    Hurry up and start making 5.45 ak’s again. Don’t want a pistol I want a sgl31! Damnit bobby!

  • -V-

    Seems they figured out how to combine a muzzle break and a concussion grenade into one system. For the record, I am personally pro-muzzle break, but that side fireball was/is impressive!

  • Agent-47


  • n0truscotsman

    hmmmm, 5.56 caliber.

    no thank you. as soon as it drops below 80cents to 1$ a round ill gladly oblige.