Remington 1100 – 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Remington 1100

The Remington model 1100 is 50 years old this year.  Introduced in 1963, the autoloading shotgun is as big an icon in the shooting world as the model 870 pump shotgun and the model 700 rifle.

For 2013, Remington is selling a limited edition model 1100 to commemorate the gun’s 50th anniversary of production.  Each of the guns will have 1963 as a serial number prefix.

Remington 1100

The guns will have a “machine cut engraved receiver with gold fill” in a design based on the 2,000,000th model 1100, which is on display in the company’s museum.  The stocks will be made of B-grade walnut with a white diamond grip cap and while line spacer.

All of the guns will have a 28″ vent rib barrel and will ship in a hard green case.  MSRP is $1999.

Remington 1100

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  • fuhrer

    old school

  • I didn’t realize they still made “old unreliable”.

    • Geo

      My 1979 never skips a beat.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Try using it in 20 degree weather than later in 90. Bring a pack of o-rings with you where ever you go.

        • Geo

          That’s 870 weather.

  • Love my 1100-LT20!

  • Ryan k

    How many will they produce,

  • Leo

    I have an 1100 12 ga. and shoot skeet with a 7/8 oz. load all the time, and almost never have had bad cycles. kick is so incredibly light that it feels like shooting a 20 ga. I’m never going to go back to an over/under for that reason. 11-87 is also a good one if you are considering. they’re inexpensive and robust.

  • Bugflinger

    can u get one with 30”barrel…..just to keep factory original