DeSantis Ammo Nemesis

desantis ammo nemesis

DeSantis Gunhide announced an addition to their Nemesis line of pocket holsters:  the Ammo Nemesis.  The new holster retains much of the same styling, look and feel of the original Nemesis, but with an added ammo pocket.

Many people who carry a snub nose revolver will also carry a strip of spare ammo on a Speed Strips or QuickStrips.  These strips keep the ammo from rolling loose in the pocket.  The Ammo Nemesis has a small pocket on the “tail” of the holster where that stip of ammunition can be held.

The holster is made of synthetic materials.  The holster’s tail and the rubber-like outer surface help keep the holster in the pocket during a draw.  MSRP is $24.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • Bobby

    Mags get carried on the opposite side of the body as the gun and the mag in the holster interferes with the ability to grip the gun. Too bad nobody ad Desantis actually carries a gun.

    • Sjambok

      Sorry partner gotta disagree when it comes to revolvers ammo tends to be carried strongside…

      • Bobby

        read my comment above

  • Bobby

    oop.. I see they changed the pic. My comment above was for the pic of the same holster with a semi-auto and magazine.