Nifty Afghan SOF Grenade Launcher / M4

I think the Afghan SOF solider in the foreground of the above photo has been playing to much Call of Duty. His M4 pistol grip and M203 grenade launcher have been modified with a metallic red finish. I like it.

Thanks to Nic for the photo.

Steve Johnson

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  • AlphaHotelActual

    It’s probably that thick translucent colored tape they wrap all their guns with. You’ll usually see blue and green tape on fore ends, pistol grips, and stocks on their weapons. I just want to know where to get some of that stuff!

    • Bkelly47

      Aisle 4 at Jihad-mart.

  • kalashnikev

    I think he’s been busting his ass to make his way into Special Forces and gunfighting Taliban… while the author should have been learning the difference between “too” and “to.”

    • Sam

      True that, say what you want but them afghans are learning to be warfighters on par with westerners whilst on the job, takes major brass balls and they have no shortage of ‘action’.

      • Volk CNC

        The Afghans were born fighting. Their skills are simply being honed.

    • Grammatical errors like to and too shouldn’t take away from any article.
      Besides he’s right on this one if Microsoft Word can be a reference. Most of us use Word and it doesn’t pick this up as a grammatical error.

    • Who’s been busting his ass to make his way into special forces and gun fighting Taliban? You mean Steve! If you knew him you wouldn’t say that—LOL!

  • big daddy

    There is more to that weapon if you look closer. There is what looks like duct tape over the 40mm barrel and some kind of white paper or linen over the M4 barrel. So this weapon is taped up for some reasons we do not know. I’m sure if asked they would say oh thats because it’s a this or that. It could be a non functioning training weapon and the tape designates as such or some other meaning completely different. Also they all have 203s so this is probably a training situation. Why they would put it on the ground in sand and not use a simple piece of cloth or plastic, now that’s a little strange.

    • wetcorps

      Why shouldn’t they put their guns on the ground?

      • They’re M4/AR’s? 😛 (Trolling, trolling, trolling on the river…)

  • teknix

    It always bothers me when I see woodland camo in the desert….

    • They got them on sale from Iran. No I’m not kidding. Karzai has been purchasing equipment from Iran. Nice ally huh!

      • mikewest007

        Yarp, and they’re selling the mineral rights to China. Damn nice allies, to say nothing of the retarded myth that “US invaded Afghanistan for its oil reserves” being blown to bits.

  • SPCSmith

    Afghan SOF =/= Afghan National Army. While the ANA is full of derp, SOF doesn’t fuck around.

  • Man pippy

    Seems pretty simple, red grip tape with a thing at the front to prevent debris from getting in the barrel. Not good for camo, but seeing as Afgan SOF mainly kick down doors, it probably doesn’t matter much.

  • fuhrer

    the afghans…they are natural born fighter. the fight for what they think is right. and for what is theirs..

  • Francisco_dAnconia

    Afghans have always decorated their rifles.

  • metalfosho

    I’m more focused on the black pouches on his vest, they look like they’d flop around a lot.