ACCU-GRIP: An Adjustable AR-15 Pistol Grip

The ACCU-GRIP is a new two piece AR-15 pistol grip that can be adjusted forward/back so that the correct part of your trigger finger naturally rests on trigger, regardless of the size of your hand.

It is being sold for $59.95.


ACCU-GRIP set far back.

Steve Johnson

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  • uuuuu

    Looks terrible

  • GreenPlease

    Functionally a good idea but, I agree, it looks terrible.

  • Marlin

    I run a rite-pull with a magpul moe grip and it works great with the high backstrap, really feels good. Cheaper than this as well.

  • Esh325

    I like the idea that it forces good trigger placement.

  • ShootzMcGee

    Looks terrible? Compared to what, a shiny new car? It’s flat black–just like the rifle! Will a ‘pretty’ one help your accuracy? lol
    I tried one and love it! It’s comfortable and it properly places my index finger on trigger. I can also quickly change the setting for my wife when we’re both at the range. I highly recommend it.

  • Jacob Kenworthy

    Ban it it makes it easier to kill kids while spray-firing from the hip

  • Kav

    The notion of ugly and pretty guns is ridiculously misapplied in the firearms community. Beauty is present in a lot of firearms designs, and anyone should be able to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a lot of intentionally embellished weapons. On a tactical rifle, you can appreciate looks, but putting form over function is ridiculous when the latter should be literally the only concern.

  • Wildwest

    How does it look terrible? Besides, which looks worse, that grip or poor shooting form? I have one and love it! The surprising thing was not noticing how compromised my indexing was until I put this on. I will never go back to stock grips. Rumor has it they are developing one for the AK platform too. If so, I will absolutely be purchasing one.

  • Aaron Russell

    Do they have it in pretty? I’m getting ready for the gun pageant

  • zombiesniper

    I just bought one from Bullseye Tactical in Las Vegas and I love it. It looks a lot better than the pic. I cannot believe I no one else thought of this til now. They even teach proper trigger pull in the service.