Rare H&K G41 Rifle In The Wild

The Heckler & Koch G41 rifle was H&K’s attempt at building a modern version of the HK33 (which in turn was based on the H&K G3 7.62mm battle rifle). It should not be confused with the HK41 which is an entirely different gun.

The rifle is rarely seen because Heckler & Koch sold very of them and most of their customers replaced them soon after. The one group still using them is the Turkish Gendarmerie. The below photos show soldiers training at the  Jandarma Özel Harekat (JÖH) Foca Commando School.  Their G41 rifles were manufactured by MKEK under license from H&K. They appear to be fitted with some type of training/simulation apparatus.




Many thanks to Ilgar for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • DZ


    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      A big heavy 5.56mm, really?

      • evilblackrifles

        They are 5.56? You should have mentioned that in your article….

        • floppyscience

          “…a modern version of the HK33”

          Says right there.

          Plus you can clearly see the AR15 magazines in the pictures.

      • Mobious

        Yeah, but it’s cool ~

        • Anonymoose

          They imported like 6 before the FOPA was put in place, and HK stopped making them all together when they started work on the G36.

    • Hey what you want is the Tavor now shipping!

      • Anonymoose

        No, I want a delicious NFA assault rifle infused with Glorious Teutonic Gnome Magic. :3c

  • Eli

    They are a nice looking rifles though.

  • Lance

    Basicallyits a HK 33 that takes NATO STANMAGs and has a 1-7 twist. It would have been adopted by German army but the end of the cold war and budget cuts killed it. By the time the Germans looked again HK came out with the G-36 rifle.

    • Sven O

      It was meant to equip the troops other than active infantry in the 1990’s Heer with G11 going to infantry.
      The rifle is too heavy for a mere 5.56 calibre, period. It weighed as much as the 7.62 G3 and was almost exactly as long. “More bullets” was its only advantage.

  • Phil

    A version of this also had the PSG-1 type bolt close assist plunger on the right side. The G41 was in the Dutch weapons trial in the late 80s and didn’t fare too well. HK had the G11, G33, G41 and another gun I think a G53 (like the G43 vs HK 43 this was not the HK53). The G36 was on the drawing board but not in play. We brought our C7, C8 and LSW from Canada and ended up winning. The joy of the HKs with that blowback system was the sensitivity to everything and when they went to the Arctic they had issues as did the CETME rifle (same operating system) and the Galil (it really didn’t like the cold which was a surprise). The C7 and AUG were clearly the best followed by the M16A2. The G41 didn’t like changes to temperature, dust & dirt or changes to ammo, and being a trial it got them all and suffered. They are pretty but if its my life, give me a Garand or Johnson system anytime.

    • Geo

      The Alaska State Troopers did a cold weather rifle test back in the 80’s. They reported that both the 7.62mm and 5.56mm galil has zero malfunctions. Like the G41, the Galil had a bit of a weight problem due to it’s milled receiver.

  • mechamaster

    Nice rifle, but not the price.

  • AK™

    I like the high capacity assault clips,but wheres the shoulder thing that goes up? I’ve heard internet rumors that it adds +5 kill-ability.

  • AK89

    They are wearing and using Miles gear if anyone cares. That’s the training ‘apparatus’. It’s basically laser tag utilizing blanks. You can see the sensors on the.flask and helmets.

  • Clodboy

    A pretty embarassing fate for what was a pretty ambitious (and very expensive) rifle.

    Which reminds me, I recently saw a pic of a Malaysian policeman guarding a prisoner in the Jungle with an HK11 (basically an HK21 that’s fed from mags instead of belts – AKA the world’s heaviest G3; suck it, PSG1 😉 ) – again H&K probably didn’t imagine these guns ending up in police duty.
    Then again, that picture of the HK11 should probably be shown to new recruits by their drill sergeants – “oh, so you think it’s unfair that you get to lug around the slightly heavier M4 with the M203 attached – well, why don’t you take your complaints to this Malaysian cop, who’s trudging through the jungle with a rifle that weighs 17 pounds unloaded.”

  • These are really cool. They are heavy but work great. My G41KA3 would only work, utterly reliably with NATO spec M855. That’s how tightly engineered they are. The Ks used the standard G41 carrier with a HUGE lightening cut in the side. I have lots of sweet pictures of the insides. The unusual spring-loaded carry handle, the fwd assist, the BHO like an AR which confused the hell out of everyone who shot it, because it locked open on the last round. It was worth more sold than it was sitting in the vault…so it went away. I bought more Daewoos. 2/3rd the weight and a better rifle IMO…I DIDN’T like the flimsy clip on bipod or the wide ass handguard. The 1:7 Polygonal barrel was stupidly accurate tho, and it was a fun gun to have around.