Traditions Releases Two New Revolver Lines

Muzzle-loading rifle maker Traditions is partnering up with famed Italian gun maker Pietta to import two new classic single-action revolver lines into the U.S.A.

The “Frontier” series are higher end revolvers with steel frames, well machined and polished components, and good attention to fit and finish. Barrel lengths will be 4.75, 5.5, and 7.5 inches. A variety of calibers will be offered in both blued and nickel finishes, with some blued guns featuring color cased-hardened frames. Grips will be either walnut or white plastic. The Frontier pistols should give some competition to Uberti among single-action shooters looking for the best value per dollar spent.


The “Rawhide” series are entry-level revolvers with a simple matte black finish and plain walnut grips. These guns will feature the same proven transfer-bar fire control group as the Frontier series, but won’t have the same attention to detail and overall polish. They will, of course, be even more affordable than the Frontiers.



It is interesting to see Pietta import the Rawhide series under the Traditions moniker, as they are already importing a very similar gun through Cimarron as the “Big Iron”. I suppose without a dedicated U.S. importer, Pietta must find any way they can to bring their wares to our shores, even if this means striking up different deals with different American companies to market one or two lines of pistols at a time. For myself, I say Pietta should import as many models of revolvers as they can, in great numbers. For every collectible Colt sitting in the safe as an investment and sometime conversation piece, we should have two affordable six guns blazing away at the local Single Action Shooting Society match!


  • Hopefully these will be within reason for price. The thing about SA revolvers is that you know you are running a piece that is far slower to reload, and you have to be on with the 6 shots you’ve got.

  • Marcus D.

    The rawhide has a MSRP of $455, and the Frontier is $515, undercutting the price for a Uberti. Will be interesting to see a side by side coparo–I have one of each in black powder and both are fine weapons, especially if tunes. Looked at a Uberti .357 that had a vey smooth action, nice fit & finish.

  • Marcus D.

    One thing about these pistols is the transfer bar safety that Uberti does not have. SAA rules require you load only five beause of it, while the Pietta will allow you to safely load six.