Heckler & Koch HK121 and MG4 (Flat Dark Earth) Photos

Heckler & Koch had their MG4 5.56mm machine gun and their rare/still in development HK121 7.62mm machine gun both in their new Flat Dark Earth color scheme on display at IWA. In the above photo the MG4 is at the top and the HK121 is in the middle.


HK121 Stock


HK121 Trigger Group



HK121 Quick Change Barrel



HK121 Foreend / Heat Guard





H&K MG4 Foreend

Many thanks to Dom for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • Preeeeetty. e.e

  • dp

    Looks like M240 in aluminum housing.

  • Ian

    How did tan/taupe become referred to as dark earth? My recollection from quite a while back was that FDE referred to a dark brown, or you know, the color of dark earth.

    • n0truscotsman

      its irritating. and what is even more irritating is that between different companies, FDE is different. for some, it is truly dark brown. for others, it is light tan.

      • It’s very irritating! I hate half a dozen descriptions for the same color and ten shades of tan. Very dumb indeed.

        • AK™

          Of course,we could go the “white” route and start listing the millions of colors of white that there are.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Its marketing. I used to call that color tan, but for some reason that name fell out of use. These days colors must be sentences. Orange is “Emergency Orange”. Red is “Blood Red”. Green is “Zombie/Nuclear/Radioactive Green”. I am to busy to go on a one blog crusade against the tide 😉

      • Honey Badger 76

        Its like the Auto Industry and the paint companies. I worked in the Auto Collision side of it and I can tell you first hand that there are “Thousands” of different shades of each color. Nothing is simple white, black, red or blue anymore and matching a fender to a door requires “Blending” so we paint half the car just to make it match.

  • Lurker

    What’s with the new development of the white lines on the barrel, heat guard, and rear end of the receiver?

    • Garrett

      You are joking right? Those are the wall hangers holding it up. =P

  • HeWhoLikesGuns

    So.. When can we get this in NY? *sarcasm*
    Looks good though.

    • Mike

      Yes, but only with a 7 round belt. Or I hear now you can have a 10 round belt but only put 7 rounds in it

  • Sid

    This will save on spray paint. Seriously, I don’t know when/why black became a default for military rifles, but have a FDE weapon from the start makes much more sense.

  • I look forward to the 7.62mm version and to see how it compares to others on the market. It seems everyone is gravitating toward higher calibers. Nemo recently put out a 300 magnum AR platform rifle that is going to be one hell of a competitive deal. One can check this out at http://nemoarms.com/arms-firm-rolls-rifle/#!prettyPhoto.

  • Max

    Does anyone know what the third gun in the first picture is?

    • Dale

      The third gun looks to be an adaptation of a 37 or 40mm (more likely) delivery system that HK already makes with a 1913 rail and stock chassis.

  • lets kill somethun

  • Drew

    looks gold to me o-o

  • Sebastian

    That was not displayed at IWA. It was displayed at the EnforceTac. It runs parallel to IWA at the same location but is limited to LE/Mil only.

  • There is a 10 minutes video of the 121.


    Very low recoil, quite fast barrel change.

    • The water test done in full auto and supressed impressed the hell of out me. The combination of water and a supressor is crazy dangerous.

      • bbmg

        What do you mean? It is completely normal to add water to a suppressor to enhance its effect, as the liquid has a cooling effect on the propellant gasses which lowers their pressure, reducing noise levels even further.

        Even manufacturers recommend it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vyUqGpkrxk

  • Guest

    I watched the demo video for this on the HK website and the only thing that ruined it, other than the lack of english, was the mind numbing techno music!!!

    • Well, europenas love the electronic music. Check the bullets at 1 million fps video for more tchuks tchuks thuks.

  • n0truscotsman

    thats a fancy, 21st century FN MAG XD

    • bbmg

      … firing the same bullet the FN MAG did over 50 years ago, the Taliban aren’t going to notice the difference.

  • MCruz

    I think all the readers of firearms blogs, and firearms enthusiasts should found a country based on the ownership of arms. Therefore, we would be able to own the great machines that HK makes

  • Lance

    Looks so pretty in dark earth.