Strike Industries JellyFish RMR: Transparent Red Dot Cover

Strike Industries (who never tire of launching new products) have designed a Trijicon RMR red dot sight cover with a transparent window that allows the sight to be used without the cover being removed. It can be seen demonstrated in the video below.

Other features include a finger grip to allow it to be easily flipped off and a lanyard hole (so it can be attached to a holster and be automatically pulled off when the weapon is drawn).

The MSRP is $12.95.





Steve Johnson

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  • Ghostalker

    If it really stays on when you want it to, and comes off easily when you need it to, this sounds like a great product at a reasonable price. That being said most of the people who own a setup like this aren’t incredibly price sensitive, but it’s fair either way.

  • Neomoritate

    Anyone know who makes that picatinny rail for the Glock?

    • Sammy

      Same company….

  • Sammy

    Please make one for Burris FASTFIRE!!!!!

  • What’s the purpose of this product? Are some sights not water-resistant?

    • noob

      i suspect it may be marketed as a way for you to prevent fine desert sand from scratching your priceless optic

      • Ah, I see. I’ve never owned any powered optics so I was just curious.

  • Jesse

    These guys keep developing products to address problems that don’t exist

  • Garrett

    This is kind of nifty. If you need to use your red dot suddenly, but still have the cover on at least you could still use it. I don’t know how many people use the RMR or other micro red dots on pistols for home defense or self defense though. For $12.95, I would see it having value.

  • NorThor

    I’ve always wondered about this when it comes to the trijicon style red dots. in the army my aimpoint CompM4 became virtually useless if if the lens got wet when it rained or dirty when crawling around in the mud/snow. With the aimpoint lenscap discipline was vital but the trijicon doesn’t seem to feature that as standard.

    Is a non-transparent cover usually available for such sights?

    • Quiet_time

      I had a Trijicon RMR on a Glock for awhile. My experience is that the view through RMR screen got distorted with debris/water on the optical face. However, I never saw enough occlusion that the vision was critically impaired. Basically no critical issues out to 25yds, but not viable to 100yds (which my Glock trigger pull was never steady enough for…). That may be more of difference between a long gun and pistol.

      The discussion from trainers was just wipe the RMR off and drive on, which is viable. The RMR is pretty solid. I did full-speed hand chop reloads and hooked-on-back-pocket cycling with no damage. When deliberating cleaning I used lens wipes, including when wet gun kicked up some gun oil/crap on the screen, but found the screen plenty scratch resistant.

      • NorThor

        Well wiping the lens in the field ruins the optics over time, thats my experience at least. as we used the aimpoint HK 416s the expected range was a fair bit more than 25m.

  • c0dizzle

    Where can I get one? I just picked up a Trijicon RMR RM04 and was dissapointed there was no cover. When cleaning my FNX .45 Tactical, I have to be extra careful with solvents or remove the sight when cleaning to avoid getting solvents on the RMR. This would be handy. I could put the cover on and not have to worry about accidntally getting a drop of solvent on my expensive optics.

    • c0dizzle

      Never mind. Just bought one off their site using Amazon checkout.

    • c0dizzle

      Everyone. Please note the following. I received in the mail my Strick Industries JellyFish Transparent Laser Dot Cover. On the box, it is marked “for Trijicon RMR.” This marking is misleading as I have come to find out that this product simply does not fit the RM04 product in the Trijicon RMR line. The JellyFish product comes with +/- symbols on the sides for adjusting the size of your reticle. The RM04 also does not have this feature. So, this product is not for all Trijicon RMR.

  • Quiet_time

    Any idea how this works with the different types of RMRs – specifically the difference between the auto-adjusting brightness and the RM07 with manual LED adjustment? My guess this is designed for manual adjustments and the red vs. amber dots.

  • Ben Branam

    It kind of looks like a condom that doesn’t fit. Is this necessary for anything?

  • Wattpuppy

    How do I cover my acog?