Boberg CDH-15 Stripped Lower

CDH 15

Image courtesy of Boberg Arms Corporation

Boberg Arms Corporation is now manufacturing machined billet aluminum AR-15 lowers.  According to Boberg, CDH stands for Cold Dead Hands.

The CDH-15 offers “guaranteed fit and function to ensure complete compatibility” with your upper.  It is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and should be good for pretty much any caliber you can jam into the AR platform.

There is an integral trigger guard, which should be large enough for use with gloves.  It does prevent the use of certain other parts such as the Stark grips.  The mag well is bevelled for easier mag loading.

The CDH-15 is available in black only.  MSRP is $399.  Shipping of the lowers is supposed to start this month.

Richard Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    $399 for a standard feature-set billet lower is well into crack-smoking territory for a manufacturer’s suggesting price. At $199 it would arguably be overpriced during normal times. Introducing lowers right now, and placing MSRP at maximum gouge territory, is going to hurt sales badly in the long run. The market is settling back to normal, and products such as AR lowers will be back to typical pricing inside of 2-3 months.

    • Dude

      They already are, my gun store had them in at 129. A lot of them too.

      • Dude

        That being said I will pay 400 for a lower when I am ready to be committed.

    • I bought 2 lowers pre freakout that were over priced and still came under $300

      • I paid only $80 for lowers in 2009!!!

    • Mystick

      There’s a pawn shop/gun store local here that has stripped Del-Ton lowers for $425… and oddly, a DPMS one with the trigger group for $400. Sorry to say, I had to laugh in the guy’s face. Of course, he’s the only FFL around here in MD that even HAS lowers anymore, so…

      I seem to remember $99 stripped billet lowers. Last year. In October. I should have invested or something.

  • smartacus

    Beborg was recently planning a world’s smallest 45 pistol, but
    They decided on ACP over GAP for ill-timed reasons, alas the world has changed:

    -45ACP ammo isn’t inexpensive anymore
    -45GAP brass from Midway is comparable to ACP
    – and the biggie… you can’t find GAP at Walmart. Hello you can’t find ACP anymore either

    *$399 for a lower better have Kingdom of Wadiya overlay on it.

    For $399 or less; I’ve acquired:
    WASR AK, SAIGA 410, 30 carb blackhawk, 41 Mag Taurus, polymer Judge, Savage 338Win hog-gun, pre-owned 338RUM with scope from Bud’s.

    • Ian

      Boberg apparently have a slightly longer term outlook than you.

      • smartacus


        • Anonymous

          45 ACP is still in stock in plenty of places, and will become increasingly available over the next six months.

          45 GAP will remain a gun store specialty round, with extremely limited selection and considerably higher prices, regardless of what the rest of the market does.

          And in the event of a prolonged shortage (6-12 months or longer), you can bet that even the GAP supplies will dry up…and they will not get replenished by manufacturers while they still have ACP backorders.

          • Just speaking to my area of the country,Missouri, I haven’t had any problem finding 45 acp. The prices ranged from $20 up to $25 at Bass Pro.

          • Aaron

            Hey Phil, send some to the West side of the State, because we’re running dry on everything, everywhere! Maybe a specialty round for $50-60 per box of 20. People are meeting the delivery trucks, and ammo is usually gone before it even hits the shelves.

            Sales people are calling these people “the morning group”, because they arrive every morning to see if the truck has arrived. Maybe they should be called “the MOURNING group”! I know I’m ready for this madness to end.

          • smartacus

            Wait, “considerably higher prices” sounds like a generalization.

            Here on basspro website (thanks for reminding me Phil W), i see they’re almost the same price. I don’t know about regional availability, but they’re both equally unavailable for online order.

            I just need to see it with my own eyes that GAP is still “considerably
            higher priced” and then i can talk about how a boutique 45ACP would be competing in a saturated market compared to 45GAP.

    • Mystick

      I remember buying an old (Mauser)Gem98 .308 with a $400 scope on it for $200 and thinking I was stealing the thing. Nowadays just getting a day of range ammo costs that much. It’s crazy. Prohibition through attrition, I guess.

  • Havok

    So Boberg has yet another overpriced item? Can’t say I’m surprised at all.

  • El Duderino

    $399 and no former high speed, low drag operator as an owner and/or spokesman? No proprietary coatings? No laser etched “Molon Labe” or Gadsden flag snake? Marketing fail. MSRP should be $149 and let dealers price to the market.

  • TangledThorns

    $399 for a lower? Did Boberg partner with Cheaperthandirt?

  • Boberg makes quality stuff. I have their pistol. If you think it is too much Money don’t buy it. Prices will adjust to the current market.