Remington Versa Max Rifled Barrels

Remington barrel

Remington Arms Company is now offering fully rifled barrels for the Versa Max line of autoloading shotguns.  The new rifled barrels will fit both the standard Versa Max and the Versa Max Sportsman.

The new barrels are 25″ long and will handle both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells.  The barrel finish is a black oxide.  Rifled sights are standard on these replacement barrels.  MSRP is $365.  Pre-release prices at several online stores show these barrels will be selling for about $315-320.

If you are not familiar with the Vers Max line of shotguns, it is a relatively new line of auto-loading shotguns.  Make sure you go back and read prior TFB posts here, here and here.

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  • JT

    When will a company start offering 18.5″ rifled barrels? Maybe I prefer a handy minimum length slug gun, but I can’t be the only one

    • That’s probably going to be hard to come across. The best thing would probably be to find a slug barrel and have a gunsmith cut it down to 18.5 inches. That should be a fairly inexpensive alternative.

      • JT

        Actually I own one lol. They messed up the crown though as they probably don’t work with modifying barrel lengths. It’s accurate to 50yds which was as far as I tried it. It was mostly an experiment to replicate SBS performance out of a minimum legal length barrel and it would have a decent effect with #4 buckshot if I could ever get around to buying some

  • Anonymoose

    There are 3.5″ slugs on the market nowadays.

  • I would like to know where these are available! I have a new Versa Max which I’d love to fire sabot shells through (the FMJ’s that require a rifled barrel). I contacted Remington a couple of days ago, and they told me that they don’t offer a rifled barrel for the Versa Max and don’t have a release date yet. Are they even planning on making them?

    • Foxtrot1

      They make them. I put one on back order from remington about 3 weeks ago they make and sell them.

  • denis

    Will this fit vm tactical? I wish I could put the scope on the barrel.

  • chase schwenk

    Were can I buy a slug barrel for my versa max