Blackhawk GripBreak Holsters

Blackhawk Holster

For 2013, Blackhawk! is introducing the GripBreak line of holsters that use a mechanical retention device to secure the pistol.  The retention mechanism is thumb release lever that is deactivated when the shooter obtains a proper grip on the handgun to draw.

The GripBreak line is completely different from the SERPA line, and is not intended to replace the SERPA line according to a Blackhawk representative I spoke with.

Blackhawk Holster

The GripBreak holsters are currently available in leather and nylon styles for concealed carry.  The leather holsters use premium, drum dyed Italian leather with an internal molded shell.  They are currently being made to fit Glock, M&P 9/40 and 1911 pistols in both right and left handed versions.  MSRP is $76.99.

The nylon holsters are being made in right and left handed versions for the same pistols.  MSRP is $39.99.

Blackhawk Holster

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  • Kaj

    It would be nice if their promo shots showed the actual mechanism/button.

  • fuhrer

    how does it work..for glock 40…?

    • You mean the 22 or 23? Same as the 17.. they are almost the same gun. Glocks only come in 2 frame widths, everything else is either internal, cosmetic, or a change in grip and slide length.

      Unless Glock actually has a G40 out, and in that case, Ive got no idea.

  • That nylon one leaves a bit of space in the trigger area open. Know logically it should be fine.. but the part of me that enjoys perforation free flesh gets a bit edgy on that.