Israeli SOF Photoshoot with MTAR-21

Agilite, makers of tactical and search and rescue gear, did a photoshoot with a Israeli SF unit armed with Micro Tavor MTAR-12 rifles. They emailed us some of the photos and wrote …

Alongside the IDF’s very latest hands-free medevac equipment are their Micro-Tavor’s, seen here in this week’s photoshoot for leading Israeli tactical gear company Agilite. An unnamed elite IDF SOF unit are seen sporting Micro-Tavor’s with tripod fore-grips, MARS and Meprolight M21 reflex sights while using their new Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) and FlatEvac Litters. The Micro Tavor seems to be fast overtaking the regular Tavor rifle within Israel’s SOF community.




Steve Johnson

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  • Tyson Chandler

    I am just as impressed with the evac gear as the weapons. Great stuff!

  • Michael

    Agilite Gear is getting all over, seeing them around a lot lately. It doesn’t get better then Israeli innovation!

  • Mason

    Why run a bipod on a Micro Tavor? Seems like dead weight to me.

  • Lance

    Yawn seen millions of pics with IDF having MTARs and M-4s anything new???

  • Michael Pham

    This isn’t about firearms, but I’m a bit leery of that four person stretcher system. Is it really better to have four armed people lashed together in a combat situation than one guy with his weapon holstered and totally concerned with the casualty, but with three alert and ready with freedom of movement?

    • Man pippy

      Yep, but not that surprising, Israel makes alot of firearm related inventions of dubious combat value. I think their combat rulebook significantly differs from the western one, and no doubt in an inferior fashion.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Obviously, which is why the U.S. Marines come to train with the IDF on Urban Warfare. Because they want to learn from the inferior rulebook; good to know.

        • Hey the IDF are darn good!

          • Joe Schmoe

            So are the U.S. armed forces 🙂 .

            Everyone has their own niches, the best part is when you learn from each others strengths.

      • FourString

        Um, Israel IS considered Western. Clearly you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

      • bernadinus gita

        Whatever you’re smoking. I don’t want it.

    • Joe Schmoe

      This is meant for the same situation that would require a four person stretcher evacuation anyways. Example:

      If it is an injury that allows a one man evacuation then you have this as an option that still leaves both hands free:

      So I don’t get what’s dubious about this. The four man harness just slips over the shoulder while still allowing two hand weapon manipulation and freedom. If you need to fully engage, just slip off the loop from over your shoulder and you are disengaged from the casualty.

  • 13B

    Hands-free evac and sick weapons, love it!

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    One good burst and everyone is immobilized with that stretcher rig.

    • Joe Schmoe

      You could say the same for a group of for people carrying a regular stretcher.

      • FourString

        yup and the latter wouldn’t be able to fire back as effectively

      • Frosty_The_White_Man

        Why does it take four men to carry a stretcher? One man on each end of your wounded comrade. Even with quick detach ropes you risk being entangled.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Honest question, have you ever tried carrying a stretcher loaded with over 200lbs for dozens of kilometers?

          I have, and its hard enough with four people on the stretcher and several more for reliefs (each carrying their own full load still). Two people would get a nice short distance before tiring, not to mention trying to move around obstacles on the path with two people is nigh impossible (a lot of times, one of the people carrying the stretcher as to leave it for a second or two to go around an impassible obstacle).

          Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s fine to ask questions (P.S.- I voted you up). But certain protocols are in existence for very good reasons.

          • It’s a killer trying it with only two people. I’ve done it and you do get tired very quickly. With four guys you can still fire your weapon.

  • Alex Vostox

    Instead using the camouflage pattern BDU, why the IDF keep using the standard plain khaki brown pattern camouflage I wonder? For dessert terrain maybe, but It doesn’t looks very effective for wooded and urban terrain.

  • Love my Tavor. Interesting that they call it an “mtar” here rather than IWI label “X95”

    • Joe Schmoe

      In the army it’s called the “Micro-Tavor”, not X-95; in the same way that the CAR-15’s are still called “M-16’s”. The original name for it was the MTAR-21 version.