Czech Small Arms vz. 58 Rifles: PDW, Sporting and Bolt Action

CZ may have abandoned the vz. 58 rifle, but Czech Small Arms (CSA) continues to produce a range of different models. The CSA vz. 58 rifles are chambered in 7.62x39mm and .223 Remington. They vary in size from the PDW-sized Compact to the much larger Sporter Rifle. CSA even produces a bolt-action version with a thumbhole stock, presumably for places where they either ban all semi-automatics or just ban them for hunting. The rifles below were on display at IWA ’13.

vz 58


vz 58-1

vz 58-2

Many thanks to Dom for the photos.

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  • Had one of the CAI Vz. 58’s for a while and I loved it. Shot like a dream, but dear God I couldn’t find mags to save my life when I had mine. It’s really an amazing weapon.

    • Waffenbesitzer 2.0

      The fun thing: CSA offers an NATO STANAG adapter for their .223 Rem version. They said they were not sure whether it worked with non-standard mags (read: PMAG, probably a similar issue to what the SCAR has), but it works nicely with the standard aluminum mags. Might make it interesting for you.

      Personally, I am split. I really enjoyed talking to them and their German importers were one of the few competent gun handlers I met (the only ones to disassemble the gun instead of just talking how great the internals were), but the .223 mag thing feels like a dealbreaker.

      The 7.62×39 version has really cheap mags (if you live near the Czech Republic), though…

      • Waffenbesitzer 2.0

        Just realized: You can see the adapter on the second photo at the bottom. I caressed that beauty for quite a while…

  • Arcy

    CSA has been offering a few different versions of these rifles in Canada for a while, now. They’re quite popular, especially since AK variants are prohibited here.

  • Komrad

    They also make some .222 Remington models for countries that don’t allow “military calibers.”

    Kinda unusual, but I know other companies have done the same thing. Ruger made some .222 Mini-14s for export, for example.

  • john

    Came across an original in 1967. Couldn’t keep that one of course. Love at first sight. 2500 rounds without a hiccup. Even got rid of my AR 15s.

  • Lance

    Slovakia still uses VZ-58 and plans to for a long time Only Czech are retiring it. Cuba and several other nation use them too they need new guns to replace old ones.

  • Vitor

    Designed in 1958, light as an AR and reliable as an AK, so ahead of it’s time.

    • Esh325

      It is very light. As reliable as an AK? It’s difficult to say. I have a VZ 58 and an AK, but I only bench shoot with them pretty much.

    • DW

      It is very similar to a FAL, ie short-stroke piston, the milled receiver, hell even the mag release/bolt catch is in the same place. But IMHO VZ58 chambers a more suitable cartridge for the intended purpose, unlike the FAL.

  • Mouldy Squid

    I own the Canadian semi-auto version (CZ 858) and I absolutely love it. If you are stuck for bits, mods, mags or parts, try sticking Canada in your Google search. As Arcy pointed out, they are very popular here and there is an entire cottage industry making stuff for the VZ 58. Mags and other standard parts are generally easily available (you will have to remove the pins that keep the magazines from loading more than 5 rounds) and mil-surp parts are cheap.

    Some stores won’t ship to the US, but many do; contact the store to ask about their shipping policy. About the only thing we have that you guys aren’t allowed to get is the cheap (1440 rounds for less than $300 CAD) and plentiful mil-surp ammo. It’s all steel core bullets, and as I understand, that’s a no-no for import into the US.

    • FourString

      holy shit. 1440 rds for $300 Canadian? Damnnn, that makes me want to move to Canada. Never thought I’d say that about firearms LOL

      • rally guy

        I bought in a quebec store a crate of 1440 , I think romanian 7.62×39 last year for 190 $ :0

        • FourString

          Okay. I might have to move there after graduating.

  • Dale

    I got a chance to fire an old VZ 58 a few months ago, and they’re a ton of fun! kind-of a cross between an SKS and an AK 47, but much lighter than both platforms and maneuverable as well. Definitely an under-rated platform.

  • Mike Knox

    I could break someone’s arm for one of those in 7.62x51mm NATO..

    • Noir

      Thre was prototype in 1970s, so far there are only rumors about new one.

  • Esh325

    It seems rather antiquated to have a side plate on a rifle as a way of mounting a scope, as there are better ways of doing it today. Even the Russians are moving away from the side plate. Would be better to have a sturdy mounted picatinny rail on the dust cover.

    • Waffenbesitzer 2.0

      Personally, I don’t see something like the TWS Dogleg on the vz58: Remember there is no connection between the receiver part that holds the barrel and the cover. So this would be even wobblier than those on the AK.

      I am not opposed to a side mount, but the AK ones are bulky, tear holes in clothes and block some side folding stocks.

      What is good about the CSA version is that they do not rivet the side plate, but screw it on. So you can remove it and attach a very low profile mount directly. That is the solution I came up with looking at these. I’ll forge my own, but I hope a company comes up with those for a realistic price.

      • Esh325

        An Israeli company has recently come up with a dust cover rail that looks very well made. This looks like a good mounting solution. As for the AK, the side mounts are becoming more steamlined and smaller, like the RS industries. The side mount is quickily becoming obsolete though.

        • Noir

          There are two options, Gunexpert dustcover or cheaper Kinggun/Zahal, both made in Czech republic. I have GE and its great.

  • Brandon Heck

    lol that last one that takes AR15 mags looks like its straight out of Call of duty black Ops 2 game

  • n0truscotsman

    I own a VZ58 (Czechpoint). Awesome rifle!

    I wish they would have made a 5.45mm version that took combloc magazines.

  • I’ve spent the last 4 months shooting my 7.5″ Vz58 in .223! Fantastic rifle. You want to be the one pulling the trigger, not standing in the adjacent bay.