New SIG SAUER X-Series Modular Pistol in 9mm and .40 S&W

SIG SAUER (Germany) has launched a major new line of modular competition pistols. The line has 9 base models, 7 special/accessorized models, and 20 modular accessories. The new X-Series pistols are based on the SIG P226 X-Series and I believe supplants the old SIG P226 X line.


The main line has three basic models. The X-Short model has a 4.4″ barrel, the X-Five has a 5″ barrel and the X-Six has a 6″ barrel. Each of these models is available in three different styles. The X-Line Classic style features ergonomic walnut grips. The X-Line Match style features black wooden grips, a sport magazine catch and a skeletonized hammer and trigger. The X-Line Super Match features G10 grips and a straight match trigger.


There are then four specialized pistols. The XPress is a basic entry-level pistol. The X-Five All Round is designed to match the requirements/restrictions on a number of different shooting competitions. The X-Five SO and SAO have non-adjustable triggers (to satisfy rules of certain competitions). The X-Five Open, X-Six PPC Open and X-Six PPC are likewise designed to meet certain competition regulations.

sig s-series

x-series 2

The accessory market is big and the margins are high. SIG are clever to introduce their latest sports pistol line with a complete set of accessories from day one. There are 20 different accessories that can be attached to the X-Series pistols (although some only work on specific models). They are …

X Mount Bridges Kits (2) : These allow mounting of optics and come standard with a picatinny rail.

X Mount Adapter Kits (3): These three kits replace the picatinny rail with optic specific mounts (Docter, Aimpoint and C-More)

Sights (3) : Three different sight styles are available, including one night sight. Each is adjustable for windage and elevation.

Slide Side Racker (1): The slide racker replaces the rear sight and allows the shooter to easily rack the slide from the side when an optic is mounted.

Compensator (2): There is one compensator for the X-Five and one for the X-Short.

X-Weight (2): These are weights that attach to the under barrel picatinny rail to add weight to the front of the pistol. There is one for the X-Five and one for the X-Six.

Jet Funnel (2): There are two flared magazine wells. The one is made of polymer, the other of aluminum.

Triggers (2): Skeletonized trigger and straight match trigger. For adjustable SAO models only.

Magaizne Catch (1): An enlarged magazine catch.

Sport Takedown Lever (1): A self-locking lever to prevent the shooter unintentionally unlocking it.

Grips (4): There are four grips (Hogue G10, Black Laminated Wood, Enlarged walnut grip, Enlarged Black Laminate grip).

The X-Series design is very attractive. I really like the angular, and subtly futuristic, design. We don’t know pricing yet. I expect it to be high. This is, after all, a high-end range of competition guns.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nice to see a new generation of the old P220 Sport model!

    • Anonymoose

      I want to see them apply this concept to the new P227 too.

      • Marc

        But in 10 mm, please.

        • Anonymoose

          And .460 Rowland. :3c

  • J in Ga

    Can these accessories be added to the P226?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    For the intended market, it actually seems pretty nice. One wouldn’t have to scab together all those otherwise impractical race gun part themselves. This will definitely not be cheap! But, I certainly can’t fault SIG for finding a market and making something specifically for, even if its a market I don’t particularly care for. However I WILL fault them when they make a rainbow or Viking model or whatever other stupid theme SIG has tried to ruin their guns with!

    That video however, could not have been any more “cool guy”! How many times do I need to see a slow motion rotate of the letter “X”? How many times do I need to see screws going in to an exploded 3d render? And cha-chink sound effects? Pfft.

    • Anonymoose

      But the Viking is friggin awesome…it’s intended as a show piece anyway, not a CCW or competition gun like this.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Is it?

        • Anonymoose

          Looking at their German website they seem to have ancient Egyptian- and piranha-themed Prestige P226s in the works as well.

    • Anonymoose

      That exploded view assembly reminded me of the days when I used Autodesk in engineering classes…

  • Geo

    What? No rear sight mounted optic like a Doctor Red Dot?

  • Hedd Wyn

    A Sig Sauer pistol in 10mm would be amazing,

    • Anonymoose

      9×25 would be cooler. They could introduce their own specification and call it “.357 SIG Long” or something…

      • TMD

        the .40 can be re-barreled to a .357

  • John

    They keep trying to reinvent the P226

    • Anonymoose

      Well, when the P250 flopped what else could they do? Make another striker-fired pistol? HK and CZ-UB have been continuously reinventing the USP and CZ75 (respectively) since the UCP and CZ100 flopped.

      • TCBA_joe

        The 250 isn’t striker fired. It’s a DAO hammer fired gun.

        • Anonymoose

          I know. I was referring to the way many companies are releasing striker-fired pistols trying to imitate (or improve upon) the success of the Glock (i.e. XD, M&P, PPS and PPQ, FNS), but SIG decided to make a DAO instead. Introducing another generic striker-fired pistol in an already crowded market is just silly. The next big leap in pistol technology will probably be something not involving changes to the firing mechanism, like the Kard if it ever comes out.

          • TCBA_Joe

            I’m not sure changing the firing mechanism is really an added plus is this context, especially if it adds complexity (like the Kard). The beauty of striker guns is their simplicity.

            Striker fired guns are more or less the “future” of handgun designs. The concept is “copied” because it works. The striker handgun is no more Glock’s than the hammer fired design is John Browning’s.

            My personal thought is the next phase of pistol design is optics mounting. I think in the coming years there will be more and more modular mounting like the Unity Tactical ATOM mount.

            Changing the operating system just to change the operating system is not a benefit, look how well modern guns run. Rifles are still generally built off of AR15/10, AR18, or AK operating systems. The only real improvements are the manufacturing benefits and modularity. I think the same is being experienced with modern pistol design.

          • Anonymoose

            Striker-fire still provides a trigger pull which is less than ideal in many people’s opinions, which is why many people still swear by DA/SAs, 1911s, and even revolvers.

  • milo

    i think i’ll stay with my 226

  • Gunsmithlee

    Sig would sell alot more competition guns if they would actually build one to compete in any given specific competition. USPSA is probably has the biggest market potential for Sig’s handguns, but there aren’t as many fielded as STI’s or Glocks. And the main faults are both availability, and lack of capacity. They need to fit 19+ rds of .40sw in a 140mm length magazine to compete in Limited class. And their open gun needs to be either a 38 super, 38super comp, 9x23mm, or 9mm Major. They need to make a standard DA version like the X-5 all around and push to get it on the production list, but try to make it IDPA SSP legal. Then maybe something like a slimmed down version of the X-5 tactical for IDPA ESP division. And they need to make their “swat” magazines more available for 3-gun shooters.

    Sig is bad about not paying attention to not listening to customers. They introduce a great sport gun, that doesn’t really fit any particular sport.

    • rufous03

      Sig advised that their P226 X 6 PPC will handle 9mm major for what it’s worth

  • Nick

    Are dealers taking orders for these? And if they are, how long is the wait? I’m very interested in the X-SiX PPC Open.


  • Mkeme

    The question is where to buy the add on accessories?

  • Slovak

    Anybody can help me find a shop offering Sig Sauer FIVE Allround X-SERIE next to Dresden or Munchen, many thanks.


    How much does X -Five OPENMASTERSHOP cost 9 mm, 25 capacity

  • Andy Q

    I emailed Sig and was told that the upgrades will be introduced to the US market in early 2015.