Molot Vepr-12 IPSC Special Edition Shotgun

Molot has made some changes to their Vepr-12 IPSC Special Edition shotgun. The Magpul stock has been replaced with a FAB Defense GLR-16 stock and the oversized muzzle brake has been replaced with a smaller muzzle brake/flash hider.

The Vepr-12 IPSC features ambidextrous charging handles,  ambidextrous controls and plenty of rails.





Many thanks to Eric ( for the photos.

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  • Esh325

    Is MOLOT part of Izmash or a separate entity?

    • Bull

      unrelated as far as i have understand it. i remember there was some disputes when the first Vepr 12 came out.

    • Tierlieb

      Separate, as far as I understand it: Molot and Izmash are both military manufacturers. Molot makes the RPK, Izmash the AK. That is where they connect and explains why they use similar systems.

      Civilian Molot models have the thick walls and heavy barrels of the RPK, while the civilian Izmash modells, the Saigas, have the thinners walls and lighter barrels. The shotguns have surprisingly little parts commonality.

      They had separate booths at the IWA, Molot winning my sympathy by having someone who actually spoke English and knew their product, not just sentences learned by heart.

      • Esh325

        I have a MOLOT VEPR in 7.62×39 and Izmash AK in 7.62×39. The VEPR seems to have a bit more of a quality feel to it. Parts are 100% interchangable. Performance wise, it’s difficult to tell a difference. A thick receiver is rather unecessary for a semi auto only rifle. The AK-12 and AK-107 offerings are more impressive from Izmash, but I suppose there always will be a demand for classic AK’s, and that’s where MOLOT comes in.

    • sianmink

      Izmash acquired MOLOT A couple years ago, but they operate as separate entities.

  • MILF

    Izhmash bought Molot

  • Roger Sterling

    Look at that gut

  • Crockett

    No more egg roles for this cop.

  • Chris Chang let himself go

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Regardless of why MOLOT chose to replace the Magpul stock with the FAB Defense GLR-16, I can definitely vouch for the latter. Insofar as design, construction, materials quality, fit and finish, utility, ergonomics and general user-friendliness are concerned, the GLR-16 is first-rate. FAB manufactures several models of the GLR-16, all of which are basically similar except for the hardware necessary to adapt each model to a specific firearm. The recoil-absorbing version equipped with a shock absorber in the extension tube is even better. I use the recoil-absorbing GLR-16 on both of my D-Technik / CSA vz.58 rifles, and have had very good results to date.