MKE T-94 ZSG Civilian Sporting Rifle (MP5)

Turkish defense manufacturer MKE is exporting a new version of their MP5 to European consumers. The  MKE T-94 ZSG (Zivile Sportgewehr / Civilian Sporting Rifle). The ZSG chambered in 9x19mm, is semi-automatic only, has a fixed stock and a 5.5″ barrel. The weight of the gun us 5.55 lbs.

Technically the  ZSG is not a clone of the MP5 because it is manufactured on H&K-licensed machinery in Turkey. MKE produces a wide range of old H&K firearms under license, including the H&K G3 rifle.

Steve Johnson

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  • WoodenPlank

    A pistol version would be welcome in the US, if it’s reliable. Building MP5-k PDW clones off flats and parts kits is expensive, and original HK models to convert are even more expensive.

    • Tim U

      The previously imported ones from ATI proved to be reliable. The only issue was that they made some changes to the magwell so you had to modify it to accept standard MP-5 magazines (and make other 922r changes)

  • ColonelColt

    Anyone else having problems seeing the pictures?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)


  • Lance

    Mo pics that’s too bad hope to find a cool HK-94 copy, that be affordable.

  • Alexander McCook

    Please ship this to the US.

    • Spade

      They did do a pistol version of this, and then stopped.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Yep, ATI was importing them.

        • FourString

          I personally find our gun laws stupid. A shouldered “carbine” would be less concealable than a de-stocked “pistol” version of any rifle, yah?

          If it were up to me, I’d just make the stocks fixed/pinned, or something, and let it go at that.

  • Schuultz

    I’m surprised the HK license allows them to do that.

  • gunslinger

    it’s a civilian rifle but 5.5″ barrel?

    can you have a SBR in europe? coz this won’t fly in the US, right?

    • Tim

      Depending on the European country, and depending on the hoops you jump through, it seems the answer is yes.

      This could fly in the US in a limited market capacity, except for the part where we cannot import “nonsporting” guns. The whole 922r deal is biting us here, because otherwise it could be brought in as long as the buyer was willing to fill out the NFA paperwork and pay the extortion tax.

    • Sebastian

      Yer you can. In Germany you’d get the pistol version and just attach a stock. Legally it would still be a pistol. When you buy it as a rifle you’d be limited to a 16,75″ barrel length / 10 round magazine as sport shooter, as hunter you could get in the pictured configuration (fixed stock, short barrel) but you’d be limited to a 2 round magazine. If you get it as pistol you can put a folding stock on it and not be limited to any magazine capacity, without any additional permits required.

      • gunslinger

        ok. that’s a bit crazy.

  • Urquattro

    I think the stock in the pic is a folding stock. I have one like it.

    • DusselD

      No, it’s a fixed stock. They just use the same profile to make it look a bit cool.

  • phuzz

    Did anyone else read that as the MIKE T-94 and wonder who Mike was?

  • Michael Y

    What are they retailing for?

  • This looks like a “reverse stretch” with a non traditional barrel/flash hider.