DRD Tactical P556 5.56m AR-15 Upper With Quick-Detach Barrel

DRD Tactical, the company that bought us the innovate stealthy Paratus-16, have now developed an AR-15 upper receiver that uses the same quick change/detach barrel and handguard system as the Paratus-16. The rail/handguard unit can be quickly detached from the upper receiver, decreasing the space required to store the rifle. DRD Tactical is also selling a hard case with pre-cut high density foam …

P556 Uppers case


Two models are on offer. The P556-FN model comes with 16″ FN Hammer Forged chrome lined barrel and flash hider. The P556-LW model comes with 16″ Lothar-Walther stainless steel barrel and flash hider.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sadlerbw

    Looks interesting from an engineering perspective, but currently switching the whole upper isn’t really all that hard. The only real advantage I see is not having to swap optics between uppers, but I guess with the price of some optics that might be enough. Also, sig might not be terribly happy with their choice of names, as sig already makes a 5.56 rifle called the P556.

  • Guest

    Now if they just need a 5.56 version of the Paratus lower (including dat folding stock) to go with it…

  • Guest

    Now the just need to make a 5.56 version of the Paratus lower to go with it…

  • Mystick

    So they made a “more” take-down AR. As with all take-down rifles, I question the mechanical accuracy after detaching/attaching the barrel. I’ve had issues with that in the past on several rifles, especially those where the optics are mounted on the receiver and not the barrel(like most take-downs). This was solved, IMO, by a fully detachable receiver/barrel component such as the AR upper. This mod saves you about eight inches in the carrying case. I would rather have solid accuracy than that eight inches.

  • Avesta

    I have heard and read many statements that this system may have reduced accuracy due to the detachable barrel. I’ve not heard that from anyone I’ve spoken to who ACTUALLY owns the Paratus, so I doubt it would be an issue with the AR15 version. I really like the idea of being able to swap from 5.56, to 5.45, to 300BLK and only buy barrels & bolts as opposed to complete upper assemblies. The savings will be substantial! Now if only DRD would make a lower of this size with that folding stock, it will be perfect! 🙂