Dick’s Sporting Goods: People call the stores every morning to find out if they have ammunition

Dick’s Sporting Goods has just has their Q4 2013 Earnings call. They are having a hard time keeping ammunition in stock. Edward W. Stack (CEO) said during the call …

We actually have people who call the store every morning to find out if we got ammunition, they come in and buy it. This is — but we don’t expect the ammunition supply to be fixed anytime soon.

The CEO of a public company unlikely to be deceptive when making public forward-looking statements. If he believes ammunition supply will not be fixed anytime soon, I am inclined to believe him.

He also confirmed that they have no plans to restock Modern Sporting Rifles (AR-15s).


Steve Johnson

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  • I stopped by one looking for .22LR and was told the truck delivers on Wednesday mornings. I stopped on Wednesday at 10 am and they had sold everything that came in.

  • Laurelfork

    If this was 1950’s America, one of those closed foundries in western PA would go back on line and start pumping out millions of rounds of brass a year. But with the EPA rules now it takes three years to get approval to produce a snow cone. So the Chinese or one of the Baltic countries will make em, bad at first, and they will get better at it and in the end we lose yet another industry.

    • Esh325

      Can’t import ammo directly from China. Izmash just got a license to make ammo recently, so I’m sure they’ll chip in to make up for it.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Some ammo components are imported from China into the USA.

        China is a major producer and the ban on imports is contributing to the shortage stateside.

        • Then I’m good with the shortage as far as that is involved.

          • Steve (TFB Editor)

            You don’t want Chinese ammo in the USA? Why not? I have used it overseas. There is nothing wrong with it.

          • warp

            I find it odd that you can’t simply place an international order, and then have that order delivered through some other proxy.
            If the ban on imports is a ban on Chinese imports, I find it odd that the Chinese have not done with bullets as they have with their honey, rebranding it in european countries to resell to the USA without restrictions, using ultrafiltering to remove pollen identifiers.

          • Steve (TFB Editor)

            @mastermenthe:disqus they do export components to the USA, and these components are used by some of the countries largest ammo makers.

            I think by the time you shipped it to Europe and then shipped it to the USA (after repackaging with your own powder) it would cost more than buying it elsewhere.

          • Laserbait

            Can you please tell us what US ammo companies use chinese components? I would like to make sure that I don’t get any of that by accident.

          • You probably have shot a lot of it by now. But I bet you also believe that GM, Ford and Chrysler are 100 % US made cars.

          • Laserbait

            Bryan, don’t buy a lottery ticket this week, you’re running 0 for 2 here. I have not bought (or shot) any chinese ammo/components. I have contacted Federal, Winchester, and Remington (and I don’t know who’s larger than these three), and all state that their ammo is US Made, using US made components, unless the box is marked otherwise. And I check EVERYTHING before I buy it to see where it’s made, I go well out of my way to avoid chinese products wherever possible. Some things are unavoidable, some things I do without. If I have the option, I will spend the extra dough to buy US made over something foreign.

          • Name

            I know that quite a bit of Winchester White Box 5.56mm, and presumably other calibers, is made in Israel, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and South Africa. It’s marked on the boxes but the print isn’t large. There’s also the catalog number.

            Q3131 = US manufacture
            Q3131A = made by IMI in Israel
            Q3131A1 = made by PMC in South Korea

            and so on.

    • Paralus

      Copper is 400% more expensive than it was in 2003. We could open a foundry, but it would cost just as much since worldwide supply cannot keep up with demand.

      panic buying/boading/re-selling makes it that much worse.

      • Laurelfork

        Chile has loads of copper but can’t meet energy demands. Coal to Chile on the way back copper to the US.

  • Jay

    After DSG’s refusal to sell modern sporting rifles, and their amazingly shabby treatment of Troy Industries, I’ll never set foot in their stores again.

    • FourString

      They’re friggin’ Dicks, anyway. xD

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  • Paralus

    Dick’s were just that when they turned into sheep and screwed over customers with their Troy Industries carbines order cancellation. I hope they lose a lot more business

  • TBone

    I’ll never shop there, due to there AR-15 policy, plus the fiasco that was Troy industries. Hope they circle the drain.

  • Samson

    I am a big time DSG customer because they always treat(ed) me right and always have a pretty great price albeit only fair selection. Recently in Oct Nov and Dec I had bought 3 new longguns from them *right before* The Event but I still needed ammo which of course skyrocketed and scarcified. (I made scarcified up as a word right now) . BUT- You take what you can get when you can get it -at least thats my motto. Right now my DSG has been having consistently on the shelf Federal #8 12 gauge 25-rd packs for $5.99 … Sometimes they’re the TOP GUN Red White and Blue shells box mostly the Pink shells for breast cancer. 6 months ago peoople were seeking out these colored birdshots, now i am buying them fairly cheap and stacking them deep. I ask all the time, what do you have in 00 Buck, rifled Slug .40, 9mm, etc. etc. Not a box a SINGLE BOX of .22LR in 3 months +. And of course the .308 they get is crazy expensive and still flies off the shelf. But at least Dick’s has some ammo to buy… my Walmarts have not had a buyable caliber box of ammo for me in 3+ mnths they also say, PPL Call and Come in every day at 8AM you gotta beat them. I guess, its still true- the early bird gets the worm AND The Firstest with the mostest usually winsest.

  • Me

    I’ll never buy from Dick’s again. Ever. Their treatment of Troy, and their general caving to the gun banners without so much as a whimper tells me that they are part of the problem. They are the enemy. Bankruptcy is too good for them.

  • Aaron

    I’ve been a heavy DSG purchaser for many years. I’ve used their score card to purchase many “free” boxes of ammo – getting the point $$$ certificates. Since their caving on AR-15’s, and their finger to Troy, I’ve been in their store maybe twice because I still have some $$$ certificates to use. I’ll try to get ammo, but after that I’m shopping Midway USA online, or the Bass Pro store which is only 20 minutes away. Looking at their decreased stock prices I’m hoping that business needs makes them change their minds. Doubtful.

  • Marc

    I almost bought a sling for an AR variant last November in a DSG. When I got to the cashier she asked me for my DOB and identification. I asked her why since it wasn’t ammo or a firearm/knife. The cashier replied “COMPANY POLICY”. I told her to keep the sling. DSG has always been squeamish about firearms and their respective accessories. Gutless…

  • Tyson Chandler

    Fuck Dicks, I hope they sink like a stone!

  • Kai

    Dicks has always sucked for firearms as well as other ‘outdoors’ sporting equipment. They were better when they were Galyans, but once they got bought out by Dicks, they stopped selling handguns and became more more focused on team sports and less on outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing etc. The one by me for probably the last 7 years has only sold shotguns and .22 rifles, with no real selection of either. Dick’s is fine if you want to buy a football or a set of new golf clubs, but as far as I am concerned they have sucked for everything else since 2004. At least there is a Gander Mountain in my area for any “outdoor” needs.

    • Kai

      Dang it, I realize this may sound like a plug for Gander Mt, and it is not meant to be.

  • unclezip

    Is the story about Deputy US Marshalls getting a budget to buy out and store civilian ammo stores true?

  • twistplank

    I bought one gun from them a long time ago and shortly after they quit selling hand guns, now this, not selling AR’s, definitely no more shopping there.

  • To hell with dicks.

  • thebronze

    Fuck Dick’s.