G&G Tools AR-15 Bolt Carrier

AR15 Carrier Scraper

G&G Tools is a small company that makes a small number of tools specifically for cleaning AR10 and AR15 bolts.  Recently, they introduced a new product for cleaning the bolt carrier in an AR15.

The new G&G Tolls AR-15 Bolt Carrier Cleaner works without the use of solvents, relying on mechanical (scraping) to remove carbon from the surface of the carrier.  A polishing pad is then used to remove any residual carbon.

If you watch the video of the scraper in action, you can see it appears to work very well, and in a very fast manner when compared to more traditional methods of cleaning.

The Bolt Carrier Cleaner is $12.99 individually, or $39.99 with the Bolt Cleaner.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Andrew

    Sorry but the CATM4 tool is a lot more useful and has been out for a while and even Otis has version but much larger than the CATm4


    • having reviewed the Catm4 a couple years back, I would agree 100%. I always keep it in my cleaning kit! there are a few others out there, but the CatM4 always has come out on top during our testing on the weaponeer channel

  • RickH

    Meh. I’ve been using brushes and rag/patch forever and they work just fine. I’m sure it works, but it’s just another thing rattling around in the tool box, but I’m sure it’ll sell, because the majority of AR owners will buy ANYTHING.

  • Waldorf

    This company sells Scotch Brite pads. What a joke.

    • RickH

      Hah! A piece of scotch brite pad would probably work just as well!

  • Axel

    The word “cleaner” is missing from the headline.

  • mosinman

    With the way things are going i doubt anyone will be able to shoot thier ar 15 enough to actually use this product lol

    • except for the troops.. otherwise what ever ammunition you are trying to buy is either sold out, or they only have some expensive bulk ammo only really only suitable for target practice.. it’s really getting on my nerves because as a disabled veteran, I cannot afford to buy any ammo, and even 22 LR is hard to get…

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Still concerned about the metal on metal action.

    • don’t worry about it. the metal used to make the scrapper is softer than the metal used to make the bolt carrier assembly