Correction: Magpul PMAG NOT In Libya

The post entitled Mystery AR-15 SBR Adopted By New Libyan Armed Forces I incorrectly identified the magazine used as the Magpul PMAG. The was incorrect. The magazine is a Oberland Arms OA-MAG. The OA-MAG was clearly designed to imitate the external design of the Magpul PMAG.

I apologize to Magpul for stating that their magazine had been adopted by Libyan forces.

( In the above photo the OA-MAG is left, the Magpul PMAG is on the right. )

Steve Johnson

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  • Joe Schmoe

    Still not seeing the difference between the two… 🙂

  • Kyle

    I don’t see how the mistake could possibly be made! 😉

  • Max

    Well guess what, that’s because it’s a licensed version of the PMAG. We had this topic a while ago, if you remember.

  • how can you be sure?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Well they are on a Oberland Arms rifle, so it makes sense they are OA-MAGs. Also this was confirmed by Magpul.

  • Does Anybody know the manufacturer of the Schmeisser Plastic-Magazines?
    They also look like the P-Mag…

  • Lance

    Pay attention Steve LOL!!!!