Mystery AR-15 SBR Adopted By New Libyan Armed Forces

A photo posted on purports to show a member of the new Libyan Armed Forces with a new AR-15 in a short barreled rifle configuration. The rifle, a Oberland Arms OA-15 M7,  has ambidextrous controls, a barrel of 8″, it has a SOPMOD-style stock, the scope is an EOTech, the magazine is a OA-MAG (Oberland Arms manufactured clone of the Magpul PMAG) and the laser light module looks to be a Rheinmetall LLM01 (or a variant thereof). I cannot identify the quite distinctive quad rail. Can anyone identify the rail and/or the rifle manufacturer?


It is very interesting to see an EOTech scope exported (or re-exported) to Libya. In February and March of 2011, the UN Security Council passed resolutions which placed an arms embargo on Libya. In May 2011 the State Department amended the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to ban all export of all defense article to Libya. Exceptions can only be granted on a case-by-case basis and then only if the transaction is not in violation of the UN Security Council embargo. A week ago Libya and Russia announced that they would petition the Security Council to lift the embargo.

UPDATE: We incorrectly stated the magazine was a Magpul PMAG. It is in fact an unlicensed clone of the PMAG made by German firm Oberland Arms called the OA-MAG. The rifle was identified by Henrik Bergdahl as the Oberland Arms OA-15 M7. Thanks Henrik.

UPDATE: Oberland Arms contacted us saying they have never exported any rifles or parts to Libya.

For your information. Oberland Arms never sold anything to Libya. No screws, no springs and for sure no rifles. In fact we never sold anything to the African continent.

We are very strict with the export regulations.

Thanks to Albi for the photo. Thanks to Andrew Tuohy , Matt & Roy for help identifying parts of the rifle.

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  • Dale

    Nice trigger discipline there champ…

    • Giolli Joker

      Especially considering there’s his friend on his left in the line of fire…

      • CrankyFool

        To be fair, you don’t actually know that guy on his left is a friend 🙂

  • Avery

    The Russian arms industry must be in bad shape if they’re helping the Libyans try to lift the embargo. It sounds like the embargo is meant to keep the Russians and Chinese sales out of Libya, because, judging from that photo, the US and NATO don’t seem to have much of a problem selling to them right now.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      The small arms industry in Russia is in very poor shape. It make things worse when the revolution hit because they were just about to ship a lot of AK-103 rifles to them.

    • Anonymoose

      Considering it’s a German gun with German parts I would suspect it’s been smuggled through the Muslim countries in the Balkans to their Mujahid “brothers” in Libya.

    • Eluoci

      embargo is only in US and EU the rest of the world can still get them, but no doubt it will hurt, US is the biggest small arms market, said to see it happen, Izhmash should off partner up and open a factory in US long time ago

  • So the US state department puts an embargo in place so they get exclusive rights to ship arms to Libya. Then they buy up all of the PMAGs (windowed even!) causing a massive shortage in the states. Its beginning to make sense.

  • Graham 1

    I didn’t know the Libyan conflict had reached the Jersey Shore

  • P. Allen

    Could be a gmag instead of a pmag

  • P. Allen

    It looks like it could be an Oberland Arms OA15 M8. The rail system looks the same

  • mosinman

    Ah it is good to see the great admiral general Alladeen representing the wadiyan people by helping support the libyans!

  • SiloZen

    Ohhey, maybe this AR is differe- HAHA, I cannot pull with a straight face.
    Overall it’s going to be another AR-15, nothing new.
    Tacticooling it won’t change a thing.

  • GG

    This AR15 looks like a Bushmaster Carbon 15 in CQB version maybe…

  • snmp

    Thats Coulde be weapon from Lybia, Qatar, UEA, ….

    * UEA – caracal
    * Turkish factories (Like Safir, Akdal MKA ….)
    * Parkistan Ordonance Factory …

  • source 1

    this gun is the reason ambassador stevens was allowed to be murdered.

  • Tactidork

    I do believe most of the posters below are correct. Most likely a Oberland Arms OA15 M8 with what looks like an ARMS swan sleeve, Rheinmetall light, Eotech XPS and pmag or clone. All in all decent hardware….. not cheap either..

  • Lance

    Nice to see Obama arming Islamist terrorist like he did in Egypt. Overall this might be a solders personal buy no company said the Libyan government wants M-16s and is staying with AKMs and AK-103s. So this may be a elite unit or some individual showing his new weapon off.

  • Top of that rail looks an awful lot like an HK416 type gas system rail..but Ive been wrong before

  • Someone needs to tell him to get his booger hook off the band switch.

    • CarnactheMagnificent

      Your comment was the only laugh I got outta this story!!!

  • Zeitgeist

    And the optic could very well be a Chinese knockoff. I’ve seen very real looking EOTechs and Aimpoints in arms markets all over the ME.

  • Janis Petke

    The monkey is pointing the gun at his friends head, with finger in the trigger guard.

  • I don’t think the guy in the photo is the owner of this rifle. I’d say, it is a full-auto version (look at the safety lever), and in Europe it means almost exclusively government sales. Go figure.

  • Doubleutf

    I bet he purchased it from Yuri Orlov…