CCI Quiet-22 Segmented HP

CCI SegmentedHP-ammo

CCI has expanded the Quiet-22 line of ammo by now including the segmented hollowpoint (HP) as an optional load.  The segmented HP breaks into three pieces on impact, which creates three wound channels.

The segmented hollowpoint style bullet was a design developed by famous bullet designer Tom Burcynski.  The concept was to create maximum wounding for rapid incapacitation of an attacker, or in this case small game.  By immediately splitting into several smaller projectiles, a larger wound cavity could be created without the concerns of forcing a traditional hollowpoint design to open.

CCI has used a segmented HP in the .22 line for several years.  However, this is a new addition to the Quiet-22 line.  The Quiet-22 line is specifically designed to reduce the noise created by the firing of ammunition.  CCI claims a 75% reduction in perceived noise with this load and even states “No hearing protection needed” in the company’s literature.

The bullet is 40 grains and is rated for 710 fps.  A box carries a MSRP of $2.95.

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  • Steve (TFB Editor)

    I love trying new .22 loads and am a huge CCI fan boy. I can’t wait to buy a box of these when my local gun store gets them in stock.

    My only question is if these can cycle a Ruger 10/22. The ultra low fps would make me think it can’t. Maybe I will finally have to look at drilling holes in my bolt to lighten it.

    • Risky

      The standard CCI Quiet wouldn’t cycle in my 10/22 with a stock bolt and stock springs. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even close… wasn’t even getting a stove pipe; just stayed in the chamber. It sure was fun stuff to shoot, though. Quiet enough to hear the impact thud at a hundred yards or so… very satisfying!

    • Mike P

      CCI’s regular Quiet 22 load will not work the action in my Marlin Model 99 M1.

    • I have shot CCIs 710 fps quiet ammo in my 10/22, my remington 597 and my GSG5P and it can’t cycle any of them. I don’t think it cycled my Ruger MkIII either but it was able to cycle my S&W 422. CCIs standard velocity 1050 fps does cycle the action though.

      a box of 500 can be had for $89.99 if you can find it.

  • Risky

    A box carries a MSRP of $2.95.

    You can purchase it from your friendly, local hoarding-gouger for $29.95.

  • Duke115

    It cycles without a problem in my Sig 522, but it won’t work in the Colt Umarex M4, Ruger 1022. It almost cycles my Cmmg conversion in an Ar15 maybe with a lighter spring.

  • Ive run them through a few firearms. Wont cycle a Ruger 22/45, or my CMMG conversion. Almost cycles a Marlin 60. Not hearing safe from a pistol, but most assuredly it is from a rifle. Bolt rifles with this stuff are fun, I can plink in my back yard (legal and safe setup).

  • Jon

    Would this work through a suppressor or would it pose a danger?

    • Hum, my first instinct says no since suppressors in general don’t slow projectiles down. I suppose in some circumstances it might be possible but I don’t really see how. Great question. I’ll see if I can get a carved in stone reply from the company.

      • Jon

        Thanks for the thoughts. Most suppressors don’t recommend any sort of frangible ammo because of the danger the ammo will come apart in the can. I guess I’m wondering if this is “frangible” or “semi frangible” ammo.

    • Name

      I should think it would be ideal for use in a suppressor that was otherwise appropriate for .22 LR.

  • WPZ

    A new ammunition that we can’t buy.

    • I know I know we’re all in the same boat on that. I hate it since I review guns it makes it kinda tough to get them to the range for testing! Still, I want to hear about the new stuff.

  • bbmg

    I disagree with the premise that it triples the effect. In order to do so, you would need three 22LR bullets. Was this does is divide the effect of each individual part by three, reducing penetration depth. For small game this might not matter of course. At that velocity, you’re really only limited to airgun ranges though.

  • Capt Charles

    at $2.95 I will take 5,000 rds.TODAY.. Now where in hell can I buy them??Yes I am serious. One very ticked off Vetnam vet. Is this shortage orchestrated by the Federal Govenment??

  • Kevan Newman

    Why do they even bother advertising for a New product launch for something you won’t even be able to buy? Ahhh…Alternate Dimension Logic.

  • Matt RRC

    I’ve tried the quiet 22’s. They sound and perform identical to 22 shorts. After 50 yards they drop like a rock and typically wont cycle in a semi auto.

  • Jerry

    I first saw a .22 bullet that split into 3 sections about 10 or 12 years ago, couldn’t order them then, but now they are in name brand ammo and touted as something new.