American Eagle 6.8 SPC Ammo

American Eagle

American Eagle, Federal Ammunition’s budget line of ammo, is now offering a 6.8 SPC round.  The new ammo will use a 115 grain full metal jacket bullet.  The published muzzle velocity is 2675 fps.

According to the company, the new load is “optimized for use in [modern sporting rifles].”  The cartridges use a brass, reloadable case.

Federal states the new American Eagle 6.8 load is “priced for volume shooting.”  It carries an MSRP of $19.99 for a box of 20.  200 round cases will also be available.  The only problem for shooters might be in finding any of this ammunition.


Richard Johnson

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  • Priced for volume shooting? At a dollar a round? For that price, the ammo ought to at least be loaded with some decent SP, HP, or ballistic tip bullets. Who do they think they’re fooling?

    • Kevin Kehoe

      What is not a buck a pop now a days?
      Stop whining if you do not shoot this weapon , you guys make me laugh.
      Do not shoot it , have not intention of doing it but whine any way.
      MOM said nothing nice to say, then shut the Pluck up.

  • burner

    no shit, these guys must shit stacks of hundred dollar bills in the morning if a buck a pop is what they call priced for volume shooting

  • Art

    Actual price should be quite a bit lower than MSRP. Midway is listing it at $14.99/20. Hopefully this is the start of sub $1 a round 6.8 ammo.

  • Stan the Man

    I love the 6.8 round. This is what I carry in my patrol car on a daily basis in my AR15 Bushmaster. Be glad when this American Eagle hits the market. Hopefully sooner than later.