CZ 455 Tacticool – Their Words, Not Mine

tacticool – (adj.) having a tactical appearance while lacking suitability for actual tactical application

The term “tacticool” is often used in the same conversation with terms like “mall ninja” and “internet commando.”  Frequently it is used as a disparaging term, suggesting something is unnecessarily made to appear “tactical” just to be “cool.”  Hence the term “tacticool.”

Yet, tacticool is exactly what CZ named the new 455 rifle variation.

The CZ 455 Tacticool is a variation of the company’s bolt action rimfire rifles.  This one is chambered in .22 LR.

The 455 Tacticool has a black painted laminate Monte Carlo stock, and metal parts are blued.  According to CZ, this rifle is “built as a tactical trainer for those who don’t require the precision of the Manners Composite stock…”  The Tacticool shares other features standard in the 455 line including a detachable five round magazine and an adjustable trigger.

MSRP is $522.

Richard Johnson

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  • Aharon

    I’ve noticed that CZ’s marketing department is using juvenile language to describe their new shotguns ie taking on the zombies kind of messaging. It really works against the good image CZ has cultivated of its firearms over the years.

  • Woodenplank

    “Tacticool” but no threaded barrel? God forbid they add a useful feature, especially since the Savage .22s with threaded barrels are so damn hard to find.

  • sean

    Sigh…why don’t I just put CZ on my bank account? They just keep taking my money. Might as well steamline the process

  • Ben

    The reasoning behind the name is that they’re using the Boyd’s Tacticool Stock, hence the CZ455 Tacticool name.

  • Limonata

    …and someday when all the hoarding stops I may be able to find this or other 22lrs in stock to actually purchase.

  • Cuban Pete

    When they finally start offering rifle magazines that are larger than Democratic Party-approved
    5-rounds I’ll consider their rifles. Until then…….CZ’s name might as well be Obama.

    • The Forty Twa’

      They offer ten round magazines with a number of their products.

      • Cymond

        … and it’s pretty tricky to design reliable rimfire magazines with higher capacities.

        And there’s nothing wrong with a flush-fitting 5-round magazine when discussing a 22lr target rifle. I learned to shoot with a Savage 23A, and 5 rounds didn’t bother me back then, either. If you need more, buy a Ruger 77/22 and run BX-25 magazines.

    • james

      “CZ’s name might as well be Obama” ????
      CZ makes a wide range of quality firearms and quite a few have “high” cap mags. I think they make some of the most accurate for the money rifles out there. This is a target rifle plain and simple… a 30 round mag doesn’t seem logical or necessary. I learned to shoot on a single shot .22 rifle that I had to manually cock the striker before firing… do you see me comparing Glenfield firearms with Obama? No. Calm down, dude.

    • Billy Oblivion

      The wife has a CZ75B. It’s magazines hold 17.

      I’ve got a Savage Scout rifle, and they don’t make a 400 round magazine for that, should I climb all up and down savage’s case?

      Don’t be a moron in public.

    • Ron Cash

      Go to their website and order a 10 rounder. I did!!

  • Brian Fulmer

    That’s a great stock, I bought one for a heavy barreled 10/22 several years ago. What’s wrong with having a sense of humor about a very nice training tool? CZ makes “juvenile” 22 rifles, oh noes!! Should they dump their Scout trainer because of the “juvenile” name?

  • Not threaded = Tactifail

  • Kirk

    I picked up a 455 Tacticool a few months ago and have really enjoyed shooting it. With Federal Bulk Pack it shoots 1/2″ 5-shot groups at 50 yards. Plenty good for what I bought it for fun and hunting.

    The trigger is good as-is but they are going to be coming out with a set trigger for the 455 in the near future.

    • Kirk

      I forgot to mention that CZ has threaded barrels for this on their website and would not be surprised if they released them in the US that way in the near future.