SureFire Releases $500 Tactical Wristlight

SureFire’s new model 2211 WristLight is intended primarily for law enforcement officers who don’t have a weapon light mounted to their sidearm. The light is tilted “upward” from the wrist at a precise angle, and thus shines straight ahead when the wearer’s hand is grasping a pistol. It features three brightness settings– high at 180 lumens, medium at 60 lumens, and low at only 15 lumens.


Surefire advertises that the LED bulb is “virtually indestructible”, and the unit’s body is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum. Twin ergonomic switches allow for quick control of the light, and its lithium-ion battery recharges via USB cable. Dedicated wall chargers are so 20th century, don’t you agree?

2211 Wristlight Diagram

The 2211 WristLight has everything we’ve come to expect from SureFire. Top notch construction, innovative and well executed concepts, the latest technology in a small, lightweight package, and a price tag that will make you do a double take. At $495 retail, most of us won’t be buying a few of these to play Iron Man with the kids. Police departments that are considering changing sidearms due to lack of weapon light options for their guns are more likely to consider the 2211 WristLight a cost effective option.


  • … thats at least $200 too much

  • Joe


  • floppyscience

    I’m trying to figure out what’s “tactical” about it. Someone help me out.

    Otherwise, neat idea. Expensive, but neat.

    • Arron

      It’s black. Isn’t that the only requirement?

  • Dan

    Surefire you’ve finally gone too far.

  • 032125 032125

    Can’t wait for the $40 Chinese knockoff.

    • GetoffMyLand

      This is the $40 chinese rip off, surefire just has a high mark up.

  • Arron

    The only thing I like about this is that its rechargeable but even that has a downside. What if your using it operationally and it runs dry? I guess your SOL.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    How much is the model with the digital clock?

    Seriously, only $500. I’ll take 8 quadrilion of them.

  • Kai

    I thought they had a model in earlier that was for 500 lumens? On a side note I think I am the only one who doesn’t like everything having a usb charger, its not like I want to charge my flashlight via my computer.

    • gunslinger

      you can get outlets that have USB plugs for +5V power only cars have USB ports now as well.

  • “Police departments that are considering changing sidearms due to lack of weapon light options for their guns are more likely to consider the 2211 WristLight a cost effective option.”

    Oh come on now- a new Blue Label Glock costs less than that!

  • glenn beck

    its the buzz light year model

  • GH

    My name is Fire. Surefire 😉

    Are versions with the rocket launchers available? Or at least with miniature hoist winch…
    Q would make it easily.

  • Drebin

    With a watch it’s much better looking and useful but probably costs even more. I’m sure it will sell for at least $100 less than MSRP but that is still too much unless it comes with the built in watch at that price. If they don’t include the watch they could at least include a built in grapple gun or something.

  • Drewogatory

    Light sources and lasers are by far the biggest rip off in firearms accessories. I love my old Surefire E2D, but let’s face it, manufacturing cost has to be under $25.

  • They had a prototype of this light and a luminox watch at shotshow

  • Saw this at SHOT show. It works well with a handgun. But it is woefully under powered lumens wise. The price tag is simply too high for a 180 lumen light.

    So I made my own. $1 ITW Molle rail adapter, SureFire Scoutlight, angled rail adapter, and a Maratac watch band with replica Rolex Submariner. Mine can tell time too! Haha

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Meh. A wrist mounted taser now…..

  • John184

    $10 flashlight + tape + watch wristband.

  • i dont get it. So since you cant mount a weaponlight so buy this $500 wristlight instead? You can buy a railed pistol for that much and solve your problem

  • so where is the $1000.00 tactical back scratcher??
    this is about as useful as breast augmentation on a nun

  • Mike

    Unfortunately, for Agencies such as mine which prohibit weapon lights (absolutely ridiculous right?!) this is a pretty viable option. Clearing a house with a flash light in one hand, and your firearm in another while attempting to open/check doors is a nightmare. Especially when working mids as I do….it is grossly overpriced though!

    • Ted N

      Why in the heck aren’t you allowed weapon lights? Do they give a reason, or it just because Sgt. Major said so?

    • GetOffMyLand

      Stay out of people’s houses with your guns and fake badges.

  • Jeff Smith

    For that price, why not buy new guns and trade the old ones in on new surefire weapon mounted lights?

  • Kingofthehill

    As a flashlight GEEK, maybe and i mean MAYBE (depending on construction quality) would it be worth $200-$250, but $500?????? You are freaking nuts. 1st off, whats wrong with using a pistol and a separate hand held flashlight in a over/under wrist lock type hold? Works for me and many others. Also most LEO’s carry 3rd generation Glocks or M&P’s and they have rails to attach a WML on it. Very few agencies are still using Gen 2 Glocks without a rail. This is just a waste of money by your local law enforcements and the only reason Surefire is asking $500 is because they are hoping to justify just getting one of these instead of going through all the paperwork for issuing new handguns to officers plus a light. Ridiculous really.

  • qubi

    It’s a Surefire waste of money. (Just like everything else Surefire sells)

  • NewBoy

    You could actually get a higher quality watch band and just attached a picatinny rail to it. then just mount whatever led pistol light you already have. Surefires new engineer Rubuen Goldberg has been busy.