Nikon P-300 BLK Scope for .300 AAC Blackout

Nikon P-300

Nikon is the latest company to roll out a specific bit of gear designed around the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge.  The P-300 is a rifle scope that is specifically designed for AR-style rifles chambered for the 300 BLK round.

Nikon P-300 scope

The new Nikon P-300 is a 2-7×32 scope that uses a new reticle that is calibrated to work with both sub- and supersonic ammo.  The reticle is called BDC SuperSub, and it is has open circle aiming points every 100 yards up to 600 yards with hashmarks indicating 50 yard increments.

The glass is multicoated and is said to provide up to 98% light transmission.  The scope is waterproof and fogproof.  It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nikon P-300 scope

“When you look at what the .300 Blackout cartridge can do in terms of effectiveness, it really is an amazing caliber. Nikon is excited to jump into the mix and give shooters a riflescope that was designed from the ground up to match the ballistic profiles of .300 AAC Blackout,” said Jon LaCorte, senior product marketing manager of Nikon Sport Optics.

MSRP on the new Nikon P-300 is $199.95.

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  • Steven Baker

    Its good rifle scope but at low price range i would prefer “Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10×44 Rifle Scope” from Vortex series. The scope weight – “18.4 oz”, scope length – 12″ & Magnification Range: 2.5x to 10x is very much impressive one. One can get it online from

  • Ian

    So it’s a scope designed specifically for tremendous amounts of bullet drop?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Yea, just like the 30-30 and 7.62×39 that people have never really complained about “tremendous” drop because they accept that it’s a 0-300y caliber. But for some reason the 300haters mock it for the same characteristics without giving any credit to its many benefits over those similar examples.

      Because apparently in 2013 if it doesn’t do 1000y it’s shit or something? Nevermind that it makes the AR more effective at ranges actually used, never mind it suppresses way better in super and subsonic than 556, nevermind the superior bullet selection in 30cal, nevermind it does all this with all milspec 556 parts except the barrel, nevermind the massive popularity which apparently to the haters is only because so many people are “falling for” the marketing (but remind me how many 6.8 specific scopes there are again?), nevermind it works well in 8″ to 20″, nevermind it’s easier on suppressors and general wear and tear in SBRs, all of that is nonsense because the round doesn’t do 1000y at $2-$3 a pop!

      • Esh325

        It’s basically just a 7.62×39 adapted to the AR15 platform. People have complained for years about the drop of the 7.62×39 and 30-30. And I know the drop of the 7.62×39 first hand. I don’t think most people think of the 5.56×45 as a 1000 yard cartridge.

      • Drop means nothing where I live. You will never get a shot over 100 yards. To many trees and to many hills. This seems like the perfect 25 to 200 yards round.

  • TomcatTCH

    direct links to product pages are helpful guys. Nikon mags a point and shoot digital camera with the P300 model name already.

  • Weapon Builder

    Most 300 blk shooters I know handload cast & jacketed bullets at their own velocities. Thhe trajectories would vary too muchh to make such a scope useful. The thing of 300the blk is that there aren’t any trulyy ‘standard’ loads – it’s still open to a lot of variation. I think a standard mil-dot would be better provide for the caliber’s versatility with handloads.

    • It is a SAAMI approved cartridge. Of course there are standard loads. Problem is that every loader producing a 130 to 180gr load is disregarding those standard loads. The bullet weights for the standard loads is 110gr to 125gr for full power loads and 200 to 220gr for subsonic.

  • Esh325

    Would it work with 7.62×39?

    • -V-

      Seeing as the .300blk is like an underloaded 7.62×39, I would be hard pressed to think of why it wouldn’t – unless they designed the reticle around a subsonic loading.

    • The bullet B.C is way higher for the .308 that the .311 for the AK. It might be OK to 300 yards or so

  • gadawg12

    Looks like a great scope – too bad that you can’t get one. Come on Nikon – get some stock out there before you start hyping the product!!!