Thai Police Gun Dog

The Daily Mail (UK) published a photo purportedly of an unarmed Thai policeman with a police dog that is packing a Glock pistol in a holster strapped to its side.

gun dog

I am very skeptical. It makes no sense that the officer would be unarmed but his dog has a pistol. I think this was either a joke or they were trying to entrap criminals into stealing what is probably a cheap airsoft Glock clone.

Many thanks to Jay for the tip.


Steve Johnson

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  • Hahaha,now even the blind man can CC with the new “Seeing Eye Dog Holster!”

  • Graham 1

    Maybe the guy is just lazy

  • Frank

    Since the dog has such a derp expression I hope you’re right about it being an airsoft.

  • Vak

    The Daily Mail is known to be a terrible rag, so whatever they print should be read with a lot of scepticism.

  • Manny Fal

    Probably just airsoft to make the dog look more like a cop.

  • claymore

    Sorry bad link try this one to the story and it’s no joke

  • Curt

    for some reason i can’t help but imagine the dog staring in a cheesy 80’s police show in the main of magnum P.I.

    • Curt

      Sorry I meant in the vain of magnum P.I. not main

      • Komrad

        Should be vein.

        • HSR47

          Or Mane….

  • Lance

    Its for the lazy Cop when he is having lunch and sees a crime its calling his boy to etch his firearm LOL.

  • Mike Knox

    I wonder what happens if the dog gets loose and starts chasing cars..

  • shemp

    Il Comissario Rex!

  • Maybe it’s like Andy Griffith where the dog is more trustworthy and the human is Barney Fife…

  • mechamaster

    This is a real ‘Dogfight’

  • You laugh, but that dog’s gone up against some crazy stuff. Ever seen a catnip lab before?