John Mihaita’s Weird And Wonderful Machine Guns

About four years ago I published photos of the amazing double barrel machine guns developed by John Mihaita of ITM Tool and Die, Cleveland Ohio. Combining a fully automatic .308 Win. with a 9mm submachine gun is either madness or genius, four years later and I still cannot decide.  These scanned pages are from the book Militärgewehre-Enzyklopädie (2002).



When I originally wrote about these guns I called the inventor hoping to learn more about his creations but he seemed suspicious of me and would not say anything other than to confirm he was still working on prototypes. A mutual acquaintance also approached him on my behalf but also was unable to learn anything about the guns.

I never published the photos of ITM’s single barrel submachine guns. They are also interesting …



Many thanks to Sven for the scans.


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  • Irateblackguy


    • Guest

      The descriptions of model 1 and 3 roughly translate to:

      Double barrel submachinegun with two different calibres, special muzzle brakes and recoil absorbers (?maybe same device?) on both barrels, separate cocking lever for every barrelsystem, combined fire- (selector) and barrelselector (top/bottom barrel/both barrels simultaneously), upper long barrel designed for precision (shooting); closed bolt (design); Developed for special forces. Theoretical rate of fire 800 rounds/min

      (sorry for my English)

    • Try cut and paste to Google translate

  • Graham 1

    For those times when you just don’t quite feel like aiming

  • Axel

    The mag dimensions on the “.308 win” guns look off. Especially the one with the .30 m1 carbine magazine in the last picture… I don’t know which model the carbine mag belongs to, but it’s either a “.308 win” or a 9 mm.

    • Stu

      It looks like “7.62×39” is penciled in on the page for the .308s.

  • Manny Fal

    Concept is not that different to hyperburst, aimed single shot almost double your accuracy, and of course increased stopping power.

  • Micki Mahoney

    There is an English translation of this book called: “The Complete Encyclopedia of Automatic Army Rifles” by A.E. Hartink, for those who are interested. A good author, but, as English isn’t his first language, he occasionally uses some unfamiliar terminology which can get confusing. For example, the ITM guns are described as “inertia lock” weapons; whether this means some locking-system similar to the Benelli shotguns, or whether it means “unlocked blowback” (which seems more likely) I don’t know.

  • Pilot

    It is good to see that the Encyclopediae written by my Friend Ton Hartink is still able to turn heads. The original book was published in Dutch and was meant as a guidebook for police when identifying firearms. Though the book has its flaws it is still widely used as primary reference and does contain some very interesting weapons. It was translated into many languages including German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese and a few more. Quite unique for a Dutch writer. The translations were not done by mr Hartink himself but by a translation bureau, hence the sometimes strange English terminology used. The books are generally still in stores.

    I have seen this (and his other books) appear in the most unlikely places in the world, from Santiago de Chile to Anchorage, via Saint Petersburg to Tokio and Sydney. I was flabbergasted when, while visiting Samarkand (Uzbekistan), on the market I saw his books in a market stall (in Russian). The word ubiquitous comes to mind.

    The function of his books as reference material for the Dutch police have now been taken over by an electronic database (called the Verona encyclopedia) that can be accessed from every policebureau in Holland. It will, when completed, contain more than 35000 entries available for quick reference and is being set up by, indeed, mr Hartink. The database will include the ITM model 4. When looking at the Arsenal double 45 and the Israeli double AR 15 one can only say: There is nothing new under the sun.

  • Ton Hartink

    Thanks for all the kind comments. Indeed, I was not responsible for the translations. About the subject: I still have very interesting drawings and original photographs from John Mihaita, which he gave me in 1998. I intended to write a story about these guns, drawings and photo’s included. Due to lack of time I postponed this for after retirement, which will be around December 2013. So, in January I will start this job. I tried to find John Mihata by mail and on internet, but could not find him. Anyone any clues ?