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  • Manny Fal

    Probably the best value military rifle set available. The Galil Ace and the FN Scar H.

  • Esh325

    So will it be a main infantry rifle? Or a DM rifle/special purpose rifle?

  • Lance

    Think this a a SPW. But I see them going for it. stocks of FALs and M-14s are dried up for foreign military use (US grabbed all M-214s for there own use). so they have to buy new DMR. The plastic SCAR for military sales is Cheap so there you go.

  • big daddy

    The ACE also comes in 7.62 NATO if I am not mistaken and Israel does make a very good 7.62mm NATO Galil sniper rifle. I wonder why go with the SCAR. What politics or other reasons do they have? What are they going to be used for exactly? DMR, sniper, extra firepower in each squad?

    • snmp

      May be simply the weigh of the Rifle, cause Peru is Mountain country. The real question why not Brazilian IMBDL FAL or FAMAE-SIG SG542

      • Esh325

        FAL and SG542 are kind of outdated perhaps?

      • Manny Fal

        You just said it the weight of the rifle, those are heavier than the SCAR H.

  • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

    Low numbers, maybe SOP, presidential guard, etc.

  • schizuki

    That is one hideous looking rifle.

  • n0truscotsman

    Been to Peru. way back when i was young. I can see the value of a 7.62NATO battlerifle in that mountainous terrain.

    Good rifle that SCAR. Light weight, light recoil, accurate, and reliable.