GunPon: A GroupOn For Guns

A new company called GunPon has launched. They are looking for gun-related companies who want to do Groupon-style deals. Group buying has been popular with the online gun community long before GroupOn was a thing, these guys have a good chance of succeeding. I wish them luck.

Steve Johnson

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  • TinCan Assassin

    Dunno about this. Remember GPal, the gunnie PayPal?

  • farcountryak

    I don’t know… why’d they fail?

    • Mr_Missile

      Libs run GroupOn and banned firearm related deals.

  • TangledThorns

    Sound great though till the panic ends good luck on finding any deals 🙁

  • David D

    Groupon will likely threaten to sue them for trademark infringement. Unless they have a big litigation budget, I’d change the name ASAP.

  • Mr.T

    while facilitating group buys works great in the gun community, they just have to be very aware that the long term financial model of vendors using groupon as a promotional avenue is hardly worth it. research as shown that companies which have great response to their groupon deal, do not see many repeat customers until they put another loss leader onto groupon.
    In other words, it does not generate additional business outside of the groupon deal. Which will lead to less “great” deals being submitted to groupon sites.

    • Ramjet

      Interesting. I have a few restaurants that I go to only when they put a coupon out. But then when I go it’s my wife and I so we may get $10 off but they (sushi place) just scored $80+. So I see your point about repeat business coming only from a call to action (ie coupon) but is it a loss leader?

      • elcheecho

        Profit margins for sushi restaurants are higher than others, relatively speaking, in an industry where average margins are less than 5%.

        So yes, in general, a 15% coupon at a restaurant may very well be a loss leader.

        • Ramjet

          I did not know that. The extent of my restaurant experience comes from bussing tables etc. as a teenager.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      There are definitely issues with the GroupOn model. Part of this is their payment terms to retailers. They hold onto the cash for quite a long time (or at least they did in the past).

      But as you say, if this works as a facilitator for group buying it could work. I could see companies doing special runs for group buys. Like when Magpul did a run of AR-15 lowers a while back.

  • Komrad

    I read this as GunPorn and got a bit too excited. I was expecting high-res pics of deep bluing and smooth machine work.