.50 BMG Short Range Training Ammunition

Canadian ammunition manufacturer SNC Technologies, a General Dynamics subsidiary, are making an interesting .50 BMG (12.7x99mm)  training  ammunition called the SNC 12.7mm SRTA (Short Range Training Ammunition). The round is fully compatible with standard military .50 BMG weapons and replicates .50 BMG ballistics out to only 150 meters, after which it will shed velocity much faster than a regular round. The bullet is frangible and so won’t over-penetrate berms, barriers and baffles. These qualities mean it can be used for military training at ranges that would otherwise only be suitable for 5.56mm or 7.62mm.

Thanks to Lionel for the photo and info.

Steve Johnson

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  • Yes, but will it be cheaper?

  • sakitla

    Interesting, I hope its not under ITAR regulations so it can sold internationally easily

    • Not a chance except for military use.

    • crkt308

      canada is not regulated under itar so international sales might actually go through if gd is willing to sell it else where but thats a big if. most gd products are not on the open market so its not very likely someone can pick this off the shelf. so its not likely but not impossible

  • pretty cool…but 150 meters the 50 BMG normally would be like point blank to an ant with a 22magnum.. still a neat training tool

  • noob

    Sounds like an excellent training aid for gunners expected to go into urban combat.

    Sgt Steve Roberts was killed when comrades from 2 Royal Tank Regiment attempted to defend him from a stone-throwing protester at a vehicle checkpoint near the town of Zubayr on March 24 2003. They tried to shoot a stone throwing assailant near him using a 7.62 mm L94 machine gun with sights regulated to 200m when he was less than 20m away. (The sights for the L94 as integrated with the Challenger are to the right of the L94 gun barrel, so the rounds will hit left of point of aim until the first crossing point at 200m distant.)

    Having a training round like this, especially for armored or remote weapon systems will allow gunners to live fire inside “combat town” mockups rated for much lighter weapons, and prevent similar mistakes.


    • That’s a basic sight-over-bore issue, and is considered a rookie mistake by every firearm trainer I’ve spoken to. Shameful.

  • gunslinger

    can anyone advise of the use of 50bmg within 150 meters? the only thing i can think of is possibly suppressive fire from a MG, not a bolt action “sniper” weapon. and i’m not sure of how many US Police Forces have 50bmg weapons to begin with. (although this is canadian ammo) can someone help?


    • The only reason I can thin of with the distance that close would be a target that just pops up with no time to switch weapons. Being a retired officer i have never seen a PD with a 50 cal Browning. Someplace like LAPD—um maybe.

    • Komrad

      Practice. Use smaller targets to simulate additional distance. You wouldn’t be able to practice wind and bullet drop estimation, but trigger control, weapon familiarity, basic shooting techniques, etc can all be practiced.
      This will probably end up with a bit lower recoil, but it might make a nice stepping stone to the real thing for .308 or .30-06.

  • JCsArmory

    Back in the Clinton era, we had to shoot plastic .50 rounds.