SIG M400 Predator

M400 Close Up

SIG Sauer introduced the new M400 Predator at the recent SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  The M400 Predator is a AR-style rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO and set up for hunters.

The rifle has a match-grade heavy barrel with fluting to reduce the overall weight.  The barrel has a 1:8″ twist, which helps stabilize heavier bullets that many predator hunters prefer to use.  The rifle comes with standard 1/2×28 threading for the easy addition of virtually any common flash hider or sound suppressor.  The stock photo from SIG shows the M400 fitted with a flash hider.

This M400 has a two-stage match trigger from Geissele.  Trigger weight is set at 4.5 pounds.

SIG M400 SHOT Show

Total weight of the gun (unloaded) is 7.6 pounds.  It ships with a single five-round magazine.

A Picatinny rail is standard on the upper receiver for the easy addition of an optic of the shooter’s choosing.  The fore end is free floated.  MSRP is $1384, though in the current market, the street price could be higher.

M400 Close Up

Richard Johnson

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  • Homo evolutus

    Why would anyone hunt with 5.56?

    • Clodboy

      I dunno, the federal government seems to think it is an acceptable round for taking down bipedal varmints of the primate family. Seriously though, it’s probably the perfect size for coyotes and adequate for small deer, and it is an affordable round that will most definitely kill smaller varmints.

  • Arron

    So, no telescoping stock, no flash hider, and a single five round magazine. I’m sure this gun has been in development for sometime but it sure sounds really close to getting its “AWB approved” sticker.

    • TCBA_Joe

      Companies have been making “hunting” ARs like this for a while. No conspiracy. Plus, if any federal AWB passes that will be just as illegal as my tactical rifles because it’s semi-auto.

      If they had made it a straight pull I’d have agreed with you.

      As an aside, that Magpul fixed stock is really nice.

    • Esh325

      All AR15’s for civilians will be banned from further manufacture if the AWB 2013 is passed.

      • lbeacham

        SC is reforming the citizen militia. I am going to join when they do. First tour of duty? My 5 acres rural camp–I mmmean home. AR-!5/Glock 17 equiped.

  • L.Jefe

    Homo, it’s obvious you don’t live in an area where coyotes or small game around. That’s why someone would hunt with a 5.56/.223. also, the same reason AR15s are chambered in .223 Wylde.

    • E.Stoner

      I agree, but no need to throw the homo in there- associates a negative connotation based on sexual orientation, similar to implying a negative connotation based on race through using something like nigger or towelhead. Society as a whole is moving past “homo” as an acceptable derogatory term.

      • Hill M. N.

        He was replying to ‘Homo evolutus’.

      • CommonSense

        Geez what a homo – I don’t appreciate the lecture or political correctness bs

  • Matthew Cargill

    Wyoming just made the 223/5.56 legal for antelope as well- I imaging a high quality heavier weight bullet would do just fine on goats at a reasonable distance

  • I hunt Whitetail deer with my M400. Its ideal for stalk hunting in areas where you’re not going to have to make a shot over 50-100 yards and its all about SHOT PLACEMENT. If you hit the deer where you need to you will drop it no matter what round you use. My M400 is actually the carbine length with collapsible stock and 16inch barrel. Its much easier to carry around in the brush than my Browning 30-06 thats for sure.

  • Notme

    .223 is excellent for hunting rabbits and birds like the black grouse and the western capercaillie. In our country .223 is legal for the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). Anything bigger than that is a no-no.

  • erwos

    Dear Sig,

    Stop making boring-ass AR-15s and get back to the Sig 556 platform. The AR-15 shortage is almost over, and the Sig 556 shortage is terrible.



  • Lance

    Not very tactical BUT looks like a nice Coyote killer!

  • Aaron

    Anyone fired the straight down trigger design? I’ve read that it actually helps keep a steady and “true” trigger pull. However, I’ve not had problems with a curved design on any of my pistols, rifles, or shotguns. Obviously the Giessele 2-stage system is very nice.