United Wa State Army Acquires M99 12.7mm Anti-Material Rifle

The United Wa State Army has acquired a number of M99 12.7mm Anti-Material Rifles from China, reports China Defense Blog. These semi-automatic rifles are either chambered in 12.7x108mm Russian or in .50 BMG.



M99 12.7mm Sniper Rifle


The United Wa State Army is a an armed rebel group in Burma (Myanmar) that had a long standing cease-fire with the ruling military Junta until 2009 when the Myanmar Armed Forces clashed with them and other “ethnic armies”. China was furious with the Burmese government for the instability it caused.

The United Wa State Army pays it soldiers a salary of $7.50 per month. These rifles, which must surely be worth at least $2,000 each, represent a significant investment. They were likely traded with China in exchange for land. Chinese has extensive farming and quarrying operations in Burma.

Many thanks to Albi for the tip.

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  • UntacticalDuke

    For a second there I thought people from my home town Seattle had anti-material rifles. That would be terrifying.

    • Why would that be terrifying? Some of them probably already do.

    • It’s likely a lot of people in your state own such rifles.

    • gun rights is a political thin

      I live in seattle and own a rifle that is far more effective than that little 12×108

      Anzio arms 20 mm Vulcan

      Are you pissing yourself yet

  • Lance

    China arms alot of factions in Burma Russia arms the Government interesting too see some uncommon weapons in action. I bet you these used in Burma use the 12.7x108mm Soviet round.

  • big daddy

    I wonder how accurate it is compared to a Barrett? I’m sure the Army of Myanmar is changing some of their tactics and they know they will have to keep their commo and other equipment and officers for that matter out of range of these weapons. That changes your whole operation plans, plus it might make an army have to upgrade their equipment to operate further away from the troops in a command, control and communication aspect. Can anybody deny the Wa having bounties on enemy officers and equipment now? At $7.50 a month, a $5 bounty would be a lot and make spending the money for those rifles worth it. I have a feeling they are in .50 cal, their are so many more accurate rounds available. From what I understand the 12.7mm Russian is not very accurate and there are no accurized types of ammo being made at this time only typical machine gun ammo, that could change though.

    • fgt

      China does manufacture dedicated 12.7x108mm precision rounds for their own heavy anti material sniper rifles like their new QBU10 12.7x108mm in service to the PLA, but I doubt that they supplied the Wa with anything more than the standard Type 54 machinegun rounds.

  • Jonathan Yoon/尹泰忍

    These guys are separatists, and they finance their military operations mainly through drug smuggling. China was cozy with the Burmese government until very recently, when the new Burmese leadership decided to scrap autarky and open up to the world and Western influence. Burma distancing itself from China and becoming closer to the US could have been a catalyst in this arms transfer.

    • hj

      Sorry, but this sounds so Orwellian it hurts.

      Back then, when the Junta was still China’s buddy, the ethnic militias were called freedom fighters and the Regime was the devil incarnate, with Rambo killing scores of their henchmen. Now, with the Junta being a buddy to the West, the rebels are called seperatists and drug-dealers, while the regime is a valuable member of the free world.



  • 5

    @untacticalduke. It’s firearms, not jokes. Some of you other people need to get a sense of humor.