Beretta’s New Flagship Store in Moscow

Beretta just announced that they have opened a new Beretta Flagship Store in Moscow. I don’t know what gun shops in Europe and Russia generally look like, but I could get used to shopping in a gun store that had marble floors and chandeliers! The store is located inside the “Kolchuga” store at Varvarka str. 3, Moscow.

Steve Johnson

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  • Chadd

    I get the feeling they wont be selling too many Neos’ in that particular store 😛

    • Anonymoose

      Maybe not, but they might be able to sell a crapton of shotguns.

  • bbmg

    Not a typical gun shop but this is what most high street stores look like in central Moscow, the only difference is that they’ve replaced jewellery and perfume with shotguns…

    • John184

      Stores where “they’ve replaced jewellery and perfume with shotguns” should be more commonplace. That’s awesome.

  • Lance

    Wow fancy!!!

  • Ray

    You will find most of the Gun shops here in the UK and the ones I have visited in Europe look pretty much the same as yours except there are a lot more Shotguns. Shotguns are very very popular here in the UK and Europe.

    • Julio

      In the UK Beretta sell most of their guns through regular dealers, supplied through a national distributor (GMK) but they also like to have their own flagship store in London:

  • SD3

    I come for the ambiance, I stay because I can’t afford to walk out the door with anything.

  • Harmony Hermit

    Beretta has a similar store in NYC!

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