GlockWorx Custom Glock Modifications

GlockWorx, also known as ZEV Technologies, manufactures aftermarket parts for Glock pistols including triggers, magwells, sights, guide rods, springs and slides. They also do gunsmithing on Glock pistols and can modify your Glock’s frame, slide and finish.


They had a number of examples of modified Glocks on display at SHOT Show and I was impressed. They can add a wide range of slide cuts with each type costing around $70. For example, large slide windows cost $75 per side of the slide. These cuts reduce the weight of the gun and are said to reduce the front sight rise of the pistol during recoil … and they look pretty cool.

They can modify the frame/grip in a number of ways. Their most popular package costs $165 and reduces the backstrap angle, reduces the girth of the grip, undercut on the trigger guard, 360 degree grip texture in Silicone Carbide and the removal or reduction of finger grooves. The grips felt good and looked good.

Steve Johnson

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  • Esh325

    Great as a race gun, but I wouldn’t trust it choose over a regular Glock if I had defend myself. Some of the alterations could affect reliability negatively.

    • These are only a few examples of what they can do.

      • HSR47

        They really seem to like to mount red dots without backup irons…

        In my experience, this is far from ideal.

        • Alec

          We actually do a lot of both. It all depends on the application and the type of gun we are building. When we build defensive guns we always recommend and use backup iron sights. For competition guns we usually just run the dots.

  • HardcoreSlot

    Im not a huge fan of glocks but i really like the way that green looks through the cuts in the slide.
    pretty nifty….

  • noob

    Why would you lighten the slide to that degree? Are you just going to add a stiffer spring to make sure there is enough time in battery to prevent a case head rupture? Is it to offset the weight gain of that enormous magazine well thing?

  • Khoi

    Slide cuts like the ones above by GlockWorx merely redistributes the weight to make the gun rear-heavy, and by virtue of physics, will serve only to increase muzzle flip. If such slide cuts are advertised to reduce front rise from recoil, that would be false and quite misleading for the consumer. If the barrel itself was ported to allow the gas to escape through the slide cuts to act as actual vents, then yes perceived recoil would be decreased. Otherwise, anyone spending $150 for slide cuts on their Glock should do so knowing that such a modification is purely cosmetic and actually makes recoil worse, not better.

    • what about the slide cut that comes factory from glock with the 5.5?

      • Khoi

        Slide cuts, regardless of being factory or post-modified, has zero advantage in terms of shootability. Don’t get me wrong it looks pretty cool I suppose, but personally I’m not a fan of form over function. Just ask yourself one simple question: What has less muzzle flip from recoil, shooting a .45ACP out of a light weight polymer handgun or out of an all steel handgun? Should be pretty obvious that weight dampens the rise of your front sight.

        • zardinuk

          helps with cooling some, but I’d be more worried about the increased environmental exposure that the recoil spring will get, try tossing this glock in the mud and see what happens when you fire it.

        • Ace

          Weight does suppress recoil, reciprocating weight adds felt recoil and muzzle movement, a heavier framed gun with a lightened slide and properly sprung and tuned recoil spring will shoot flatter than the same gun that hasn’t had the slide lightened.

      • HSR47

        The coffin cuts in the G34/G35 slides aren’t to tame recoil, but to match reciprocating weight with the G17/G22.

        In essence, they were attempting to duplicate the handling characteristics fo the G17/G22 with a longer barrel.

    • RACE GUN!


    • I’m guessing though that the small bit of milling is pretty negligible, but you do have a point.

    • Joseph

      Well, see. Some people see fluting as making a barrel “stronger” and then mistake that for meaning it is stronger than a standard barrel that is not fluted. All it REALLY means by stronger, is that the barrel has material left on it, and so it is stronger than if it was profiled all the way down. In this case the mass of the slide was reduced considerably. Understanding that a weight near the very front of the gun is probably going to reduce muzzle rise is fine (note the USP Match barrel weight) — So what are we taming? recoil or muzzle flip? I would say the reduced mass would benefit a shooter who has good enough form to manage muzzle flip in a gun with such a low bore axis. It’s not quite absurd. The concept is sound in my opinion, but obviously not perfect.

    • HSR47

      One of the other arguments in favor of slide cuts is that it lowers the overall mass of the firearm, thus making it possible to change targets faster.

      • Glock17C

        As instated in my previous post, as a competitor, not one person in 30years have i heard say “wow i lightened my firearm to change targets faster!” lmao, HSR47, do you compete? Do you have an occupation which requires you to posses a firearm?

        You were referring to engaging numerous targets with faster aquisition, which is a technique with numerous variables. If a lighter than GLOCK firearm was a solution, a newbie could take a hypothetical 100 % CARBON FIBER firearm with titanium internals and be a champion. Again unless you have practical skills based on prior engagements, please dont ASSUME.. You know what we say about assumptions..right?

        • Ace

          Do you compete? USPSA? Since you attempt to come across as a gaming god, post your uspsa number. You’re bashing other people yet you obviously don’t understand the benefit of lightened slides either.

    • Kelly Curtis

      It sounds like your upset you can’t afford one.

    • Glock-17C

      I agree khoi in regards to it redistributing the weight to the rear increasing muzzle flip and thus slower follow up target aquisition. I am a USCA two gun and IDPA competitor, i use a Glock17 C(compensated), zev 3lb connector and flitz polished internals. Recoil is a moot point since most competitors even in GLOCKS own GSSF use the GLOCK 17 and since it is 9×19 the subject of recoil is moot. I have 1/4″ grouping from 15yards and can use mozambique and one to one drills and still be accurate. If your expecting side cuts to make your firearm perform better your what we (competitors) call a “GAMER”. Im not knocking glockworx they have great prices on quality products (which i use their connector so i am a customer), but as my grandmaster told me in my twenties when i wanted to build a “better 1911 .38super race gun”, he said “ITS THE INDIAN, NOT THE ARROW”!!!
      With what the forum calls a .25 trigger job and any 3.5lb connector the stock GLOCK is more accurate than 95% of shooters. Dont say slide cuts and reciprocating mass are going to be noticible. On a race car crank YES, on a GLOCK no. Just get a compensated stock glock, learn your trigger reset and practice…Period

  • Justin@SmithOptics

    They make some great parts. I just updated my gen3 17 and Alec and the team were very helpful in suggesting improvements and essentials. These guys know their glocks!

  • Ray from Glockworx

    The idea behind the lightened slide is to reduce reciprocating weight. If you have less mass moving back and forth it will change the recoil impulse. What you get is more slide speed, faster splits, and it shoots a bit flatter. It will be a faster snappier recoil but that is typically what a competition shooter wants because the sights are back on target faster and when you shoot against a shot timer you will see the difference in your splits. This is more a specialized competition build. We do have other designs more appropriate for CCW, or duty use.

    Lightening slides is something that has been proven in competition shooting and people have been doing it for a long time.

    • Khoi

      By reducing reciprocating weight & changing the recoil impulse, any gain in slide speed is pretty marginal and I highly doubt it “shoots a bit flatter”. You cannot defy physics; a lighter weight gun equals increased muzzle flip, and increased muzzle flip means longer time between target acquisiton with your front sight.

      Not trying to trash talk the fine work that GlockWorx has to offer, I just dislike misinformation.

      • Crunkle

        I don’t think you are trash talking, I think you are talking from the theoretical rather than the practical experience viewpoint. Go to the USPA Nationals and look around what the winners are doing.

      • Kelly Curtis

        Khoi, go find a woman and a job so you can buy one.

    • Khoi

      Also, most open race guns utilize compensators in conjunction with slide cuts in order to balance overall weight. You will never see competition guns have slide cuts exclusively w/o some kind of porting or an added comp.

      • Crunkle

        You must not go to many USPA competitions or else you would know that statement is false. A lot of Limited Division competitors lighten the slides on their uncompensated pistols, probably all the top competitors do.

    • Glock17C

      Ray when you say it shoots flatter, im assuming you mean slide being parallel to the ground not shoots flatter as in a .357sig cartridge shoots flatter in regards to trajectory correct? Competitors like myself want any advantage possible,mthats why you see firearms like the TANFOGLIO GOLD. However for Glocks since they are inheritantly light weight, the grams of mass taken off by side cuts are negligible by 99% of shooters. I would advertise them more as cosmetic, so when your marketing your actual (improved function) parts and accessories you wont lose credibility with real competitive shooters which happens alot in the industry. Word of mouth will make or break a company as well as customer service. I have a few ideas especially for glockworx color coated springs, the coating comes off in about 3-500 rounds, so they should not be coated. If you want to distinquish different poundage just have them labeled different, while the colors look cool to market the flaking isnt something i want. So again function or looks. On a positive note your prices are great, my trigger connector i bought from you seems better than others ive used, im planning on buying your titanium extractor for my worn out competiton GLOCK17C which has 5figures of rounds through it. I emailed with no response as to how much dremeling the extractor needs to fit however..
      You have a great company with great products, just make sure cosmetics are advertised as such, the non-gamers know 🙂

  • Graham 1

    Will it decrease air resistance when switching between targets?

    • GlOCK17C

      Lmao, awesome response…next thing im waiting for is airfoil shaped slide for side to side movement aerodynamics, then stealth cut angles to reduce signature, lmao..

  • m.blackwolf

    Hope, sincerely, that they never touch my Glocks !!!

  • Light slide = faster cycle time. Muzzle rise is irrelevant. The faster the slide cycles the faster the gun is back on target. Weight distribution is irrelevant, and only suits personal preference.