Colt Defense Offering Rifle With Hydro Dipped Patterns

If the pink rifle phenomenon taught us anything, its that there is a large market for guns that are not black in color. Colt Defense, the original maker of the Black Rifle itself, is now offer the AR-15 in a range of colorful patterns. From the press release …

The hydro patterned rifles are quite a change from the traditional black rifle that the gun market is used to seeing from Colt,” said David Ridley, Vice President of Domestic Sales for Colt Defense LLC.  “We are happy to be offering more options to customers looking to add their own personality to their rifles.”

The new patterns are available on many of Colt’s most popular rifle models. The patterns available include: Muddy Girl® camouflage
Tiger Stripe Vietnam™ camouflage
Carbon Fiber pattern
Silver Flame pattern
Brushed Stainless Steel pattern
Wildfire™ camouflage
A-TACS FG™ (foliage green camouflage)
Gray finish
Bounty Hunter camouflage

Steve Johnson

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  • BanditZeroThree

    And this improves the operational aspects of this weapons system, how?

    • Mike Saldivar

      It doesn’t get hot as quickly when sitting in the sun. Plus, it doesn’t look like every other stock black rifle.

    • TheIrateBlackGuy

      Dude it’s an Ar-15, what’s left to improve upon??

      • A gas piston for starters….

    • floppyscience

      Does everything need to improve function?

  • Joe

    I came in here expecting at least a digital camouflage pattern.

    But nope, 10 non-functional and ugly camouflage patterns, and not a single digital pattern.

  • Walter E. Kurtz

    What’s next? A Limited Edition Marc Jacobs AR-15?

    The horror, the horror…….

  • Raven

    Wonder how long until someone makes a Louis Vuitton hydro-dip sheet…

    • noob

      I’d consider it for ironic value only. Also if I had $200 to register the destructive device I’d hydrodip some SB-33 land mines, even though nobody would get the joke because landlines are so…. Underground…

    • t-dahlgren

      sheets I’d like to see

      1. Fender Tweed
      2. Motley (the pattern, not the band)
      3. Alligator skin
      4. Kate Upton

  • TangledThorns

    How strong is hydro dipping to scratches compared to cerakote?

  • RickH

    What, no zombie pattern?

  • Love the ‘Nam era tiger stripe! Looks sick!

    • Anonymoose

      I’m picturing that on an MT6700 with a flash hider and an A1 handguard…


  • Anonymoose

    No Multicam?

  • Information on the process: