Winchester’s New Blind Side Shotshells

Winchester BlindSide

For 2013, Winchester Ammunition pumped up the speed of their Blind Side steel shot shells. The faster ammo uses a higher packing density for an increased powder charge that results in a velocity of 1675 fps with the company’s steel HEX shot out of both 3″ and 3 1/2″ 12 gauge shell with 1 1/8 ounces of shot.

Previously, the Blind Side ammunition made for 1400 fps out of a 12 gauge using 2 3/4″, 3″ and 3 1/2″ shells. ┬áThe new velocities represent an increase of almost 300 fps.

Originally introduced in 2011, the Blind Side shotshells use a specially shaped steel shot that allows Winchester to pack more shot into each shell. With the new velocities, hunters can be assured of even faster kills.

Winchester BlindSide

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  • Looks like they’ve mastered packing efficiency.

  • someone must have been a complete BASTARD at tetris

  • allannon

    I would think that the cuboid should would degrade accuracy. They should be able to achieve the same packing density with standard spherical shot.

    • MosinMango

      There’s wasted space between spheres. They may not be getting more pellets, but the can make the same amount of pellets heavier by talking up the space.

      • Francisco_dAnconia

        3rd grade geometry for the win!

  • Icchan

    The Puckle Gun lives!

  • keith moore

    I would think that shot will tumble and increase wind resistance and be less efficient at 20-30 yards. The velocity must be at the end of the barrel and degrade rapidly

    • Bbmg

      You’re assuming that spherical shot remains spherical after the violent acceleration it experiences in the barrel

      • milo

        im gunna have to agree with bb here, metal deformation in this will probably make teardrops shapes of these blocks.

        • bbmg

          What I meant was that standard lead shot tends to deform in the barrel anyway so I don’t think there would be much difference in terms of drag. A teardrop shape by the way would tumble end over end without the benefit of gyroscopic stabilisation or fins. It would be interesting to see shot that is a miniature version of something like the rap4 airfin shape:

          • milo

            yup, tumbling in air will definitely not be good for their effective range. the RAP4 is very intresting, could be used for force on force training.the bore safe flechettes have the stabilizing fins in them, myself never personally using them i cant say how they perform.

      • Hard steel shot does not deform from being fired. It doesn’t deform much even when it hits things, unless they are quite hard.

        • Rich H

          The shape is also a function of a better kill than the steel sphere that passes right through the bird.

  • JMD

    It’d be nice if they’d make a 00 or 000 12 gauge 3″ load using a larger version of these special pellets that stack so efficiently.

  • Draugr

    I have these in the 3″ 1400 fps BB shot load in my home defense shotgun. I guess this is the old production load though.