Walther PPQ – Next Generation M2 Series

Walther PPQ

Walther announced an upgrade to the PPQ pistol for 2013.  Called the PPQ M2, the updated gun features interchangeable back straps on a polymer frame, is striker-fired and will be available in both 9mm and .40 S&W.  The new PPQ will also feature a reversible magazine release in the traditional push-button form.

The trigger is “pre-cocked,” which Walther states gives a light (5.6 pounds on average) and crisp trigger pull.  Barrel length is four inches.

Walther PPQ

The gun has a Picatinny rail for adding a white light.  It also has a loaded chamber indicator, front and rear slide serrations and an oversized slide stop.

Walther PPQ

MSRP on the Walther PPQ M2 runs from $599 to $699 depending on sight options.  The guns come standard with adjustable three-dot sights.  For extra money, a shooter can buy metal sights with a self-illuminating three-dot configuration, or a three-dot tritium sight set.

Walther PPQ table

Richard Johnson

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  • Nmate

    I really hope the people that bitched and moaned about the HK-style mag release are happy, now Walther has made a slightly less appealing and effective pistol. I’m used to the traditional Browning-style button magazine release, pretty much everyone is. That said, after putting a few mags through an HK USP some time ago I quickly realized that the paddle-style magazine release was superior. I don’t see how everyone doesn’t come to this conclusion.

    • FourString

      I too favor the paddle-style mag release. It’s far more intuitive than most people realize.

    • Marc

      The “Browning style” thumb button is actually “Borchardt style”, as it was introduced on the C93.

    • J.J

      I’ve held both the H&K and the Walther and I actually found the H&K paddle difficult to use. My middle finger would get in the way. The Walther was on the other hand was perfect to use and made me want more paddle style releases. I guess it depends on grip size/shape and the user’s own hands.

    • Esh325

      While I haven’t tried the PPQ, I imagine it’s difficult to say one is “superior” to the other, it’s subjective. Some might find it “superior” like you think, but perhaps most found the button style release to work better for them because most shooters are used to button style magazine releases.

      • guest

        After 10 minutes with the hk style mag release I prefer it it over the push button mag release. I’ve seen where people say the hk style mag release is a deal breaker but for me personally after having my hk p30 for 5 months now I dont know if I’ll buy another pistol with the push button release.

    • Dan

      May you be cursed with a million grip heel magazine releases.

  • The Other Dave

    I absolutely love my PPQ and it’s great that they are trying to, at the risk of sounding hipster, make it more mainstream with the mag release before they set up in the U.S. I know a lot of people would prefer it this way, but I really love the paddle release. Maybe it’s because I have small hands, but I find that I don’t have to shift my hand at all during a reload which has really helped cut down on my time, including getting back on target and firing. And heck, the last gun I was using in SSP had a better magwell.

    On the other hand, hopefully this will make the gun even more appealing so we can see more aftermarket parts coming out for it.

  • jaekelopterus

    Hey, cool, Walther made a Glock! I wonder if anyone has done that before?

    • FourString

      Except for it has a much better trigger, grip angle, and ergos? Ahurr?

      • totenglocke

        So you mean it’s almost as good as a Steyr M9-A1? =)

    • Vek

      There is a man, Horst Wesp, who helped design the P99 and probably the PPQ. Before working on the P99 project, he previously worked at Glock, designing those pistols. Before that, he worked at Steyr-Mannlicher, designing in particular the AUG and the M-series of pistols.

      So, in a small way, the same man (as part of several teams) designed the Glock, Steyr M pistols and P99. At a basic level, they are all sister guns.


      Under designer he is credited here:

      He’s a part holder of 4 firearms parts patents for pistols:

      And several for long arms and air guns:

  • Drebin

    Will it use new magazines or will it use the same magazines from the paddle release models?

  • James

    So I guess this will be put in ESP division in IDPA like Springfield’s XD’s?

    • Yup. The pre-cocked striker on the PPQ DQs it from SSP since it’s not “double action”.

  • Matt

    Damn. I really like the paddle release, my hands are small, was easier to drop with my index finger, now it’ll be an ugly button.

  • snp

    I’m glad I got mine with the paddles before the M2. I love the paddles on all the Walther guns. PPQ P22 PK380 etc

  • Serviceable deliver of service

    Well, time to find a PPQ before the paddle is replaced with the button. I already have plenty of guns the used the inferior button release. I wanted another to go with my P99 that used the paddle release.

  • RickH

    Will the AS model be done? If it is, that’s a shame. Even though I never use the AS mode (and think it’s unneeded) in my opinion it still has the best DA/SA trigger. And I have no problem with the Glock style trigger, I just prefer DA/SA.

  • totenglocke

    Damn, I’ll have to find an earlier model then – I really liked the magazine release on the first version.

  • Lance

    RegurgitatedP-99 ((cough))

  • The button magazine release ruined it…. It was hard enough to find a PPQ before they came out with the M2. Now I doubt I’ll ever be able to get one with the paddle/lever magazine release….

  • Dale

    Regardless of the modifications (I personally enjoy the paddle releases much more than a push button for magazine releases) the PPQ M2 looks to be a really fantastic bargain. I own a PPQ First Edition that has seen around 4 thousand rounds through it and some moderate use, and it is both a joy to shoot (it eats everything and is more accurate than I am) and is very reliable. The only malfunctions that it has had were due to a bad primer (cycled the round three times and no ignition) and intentionally creating malfunctions to teach type 1 and 2 failure drills. I’m sure that this pistol will rock as well!

  • 511

    Like some previews posters have mentioned, I actually like the paddle style mag release on my Hk’s and PPQ. The thing that bugs me with my PPQ is the slide release which Walther could have shortened to the size of an SW M&P or Glock slide release for better ergos. I also dislike the sights on the PPQ which they didn’t address either. Personally I don’t consider the Walther PPQ – Next Generation M2 Series as good enough improvements over the original PPQ and I would actually would put them in the fail category of non-improvements. I think what Walther tried to do with this “update” was to compete the Glock 19/23, SW M&P 9/40.

  • crkle

    Gee some of you won’t be happy until they go back to a heel magazine release.

  • electrozity8

    They’re starting to look more and more like Hi-Points with every model.

    • Why does everybody say that. Have you actually held and examined a hi point? Comparing the two side by side is like comparing a Corvette to a Cavalier. The Hi point is a freaking brick. All of them are.

  • jbourneidentity

    Reading these comments is like listening to a bunch of old women at the salon. Good grief. I’m outta here.

  • Someone should be sodomized with the backward step. I was of the opinion that Walther took the best of both worlds and made the next evolutionary step in handguns. Striker fired with ambi-paddle release aka the offspring of Glock and HK. For you morons who don’t know any better the paddle is actuated by your trigger or middle finger not your thumb. My brother and I have been emailing Walther and complaining I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  • Bilbo

    I don’t see how the mag release is such a big issue with everyone. Unless your a competitive shooter or going into a warzone, having to reload “intuitively” will never be an issue. The guns are completely identical with the one exception. I can drop and pop mags pretty darn rikki tikki with the button release. Griping about the mag release is like griping about the paddle shifters vs. standard gearbox on a ferrari.

  • shaliek

    this is the best gun very smooth two

  • pitts

    walther ppqm2 has caught my interest. at 545 on gungenie here.

  • tmoore

    Your acrticle could of been quick and sweet. as you stated in your article it was going to be an update, but you mentioned pretty much everything that the m1 had except the real update was the push button mag release. Which in my unprofessional opinion was nothing more than a downgrade.