Shooting The Chiappa Triple Threat

I had the opportunity to shoot the the Chippia Triple Threat at SHOT Show’s Media Day. Many people want to know what it feels like to shoot. My first impression picking it up (with butt stock removed, see above) was “This must be what a medieval mace feels like”. It is heavy and solid and feels a lot more substantial that a double barred shotgun. It was immediately obvious that if you missed your target after emptying all three chambers, the gun itself would make a formidable weapon.

It felt like any double barrel shotgun when shooting, albeit a forward heavy double barrel. The weight probably helped tame the recoil but I did not notice. Firing from the hip it took me all three shots to get a solid hit on the target. I was shooting with Chris Cheng who did a lot better from the hip, hitting the target all three times.

The barrels are 18.5″ long and are compatible with rem-chokes, this particular gun had some type of breaching chokes installed.

Triple Threat

Title Photo © Bryan William Jones.

Steve Johnson

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  • Kyle

    I’d have to keep the full stock on it. The pistol grip looks cool and all, but I would imagine it makes slugs painful.

    • You know I doubt it would as much weight as there is.

      • Kyle

        It does look pretty heavy. It looks like something from Borderlands 2

  • wetcorps

    “Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn’t work you can always hit him with it.”

    Boris the Blade.

  • matthew_carberry

    It probably weighs -more- than a real medieval mace.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Perfect for fighting the Tall Man and his minions. Just watch out for flying balls.

  • Broz

    Kinda like a ‘drilling’ but with three shotgun barrels??? I LIKE the concept – would like to see a 20 inch version with either a 5.56 or a 7.62 NATO bbl…I could even live with a 7.62×39 bbl…what say you, Chiappa???

    • Anonymoose

      How about 54r? 😀

      • Broz

        Yeah, 54R is plentiful world wide…the ‘drilling’ concept may make a comeback…saw my first drilling at the Illesheim Rod 7 Gun Club in ’72…and rumors were that the owner had a ‘vierling. – four barreled gun – double bbl shotgun w/2 rifled bbls…obviously pre-war.  I’d like to see the 3 barrel concept rebborn…would be ver handy in an apocalyptic scenario (Zombies & urban warfare also)

        • Anonymoose

          I’d like to combine a top-fed (semi-)automatic rifle and a Remington 1740. I shall call it “the combat drilling!” :3c