Remington R12 Tactical Shotgun

Remington Defense’s premier shotgun is now the R12 Tactical Shotgun. The R12 is the tactical version of the Remington Versa Max first introduced to the sporting market in 2010. The Versa Max’s main innovation is putting the gas ports both in the chamber and just forward of it, rather than much further down the barrel. The shells of longer cartridges block more gas ports than shorter ones, effectively regulating the gas system. A 3.5″ shells blocks all the gas ports except the ones just forward of the chamber, while a 2.75″ shells blocks none of the gas ports.

Remington R12 7

Remington R12 with 18″ Barrel, Ghost Ring Sights, Traditional Stock

Remington R12 6

Remington R12 with 14.5″ Stock, Mesa Tactical Stock, Low Profile Open Sights

Remington Defense currently has two models on offer. The version with a traditional stock has an 18″ barrel, ghost ring sights and 6+1 capacity. This model would make for the better duty shotgun.

The R12 with the short 14.5″ barrel has a smaller 5+1 capacity, a pistol grip Mesa Tactical stock and open sights instead of the ghost rings. This shotgun is an ideal breaching and close quarters gun where the longer barrel and ghost sights of the other model are more likely to be a hindrance than an advantage.

Remington R12 5

Remington R12 4

As these shotgun are being sold by Remington Defense, they are only on offer to military and law enforcement organizations.


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  • John

    I just had deja vu and thought Mossberg 930spx…

  • Ian

    Too bad they wont sell to non mil/LEO

  • The 870P is on the Rem Defense website but civilians can purchase that one without a problem, I did. Shame about the R12, looks like a great shotgun.

  • Jacob Fuerst

    It looks like it has the Benelli style magazine cutoff, where cycling the bolt by hand won’t load a round from the magazine without pushing the shell release button. What a great feature on a tactical shotgun. Made it very easy to switch between slugs and buckshot on the fly. I really hope this makes it way to the civilian market and something less than the cost of an M2.

    • Timppa

      I agree and it´s great feature regardless of use. I´m irritated by the fact that Russian cheapo Baikal MP-153 I used to own had this feature too, but the Browning I currently have doesn’t. I´d rather have Benelli style cutoff than for example Browning cutoff lever, and my Browning has neither 🙂

  • If I’m not mistaken you can keep a shell on the carrier a la M2. I saw a vid on it and I watched it over and over again. The guy shot 7 rounds out of the 14.5″. Same as you could the Benelli M2 entry gun.

    • Timppa

      IMO current Benellis need modifications to be able to be loaded like this. If I remember correctly there is a cut at the bottom of the slide preventing this.

      • Serviceable deliver of service

        While maybe not 100% current, my NIB Benelli M4 I bought in
        January of 2012 allows for using the ghost loading feature.

  • me ohmy

    heck with that gimme an old rem 870…

  • Max

    No need for that, I’m quite happy with my Benelli M4.

    • Geo

      Sure, but if you don’t already own one you can get an American made equivalent for $500 less.

      • Alan

        That and you don’t have to worry about 922R compliance if you wanted to change things on it

        • Max

          good thing I don’t live in the US then, so I don’t have to worry about US made products or laws

          • Josh

            Good thing you probably live in the US and don’t even own an M4.

  • Tim U

    The 18″ barrel non-PG type would be tempting to me. Too bad they won’t sell where legal.

    I’d love a Benelli, but it’s too much $ for my budget. And this one could shoot 3.5″ which is kind of a nice parlor trick in a pinch. The M4 doesn’t.

  • Geo

    Looks like Remington is using the Nordic mag extension and clamp.

  • snmp

    * Nordic Components : mag extension, Barel Clamps & Speed Release Button
    * LPA iron sight / Ghost Ring
    * Messa Urbino Tactical Pistol Grip Stock

  • You mean 14.5″ barrel?

  • Rob in Katy

    Could you weld a 1/2″ breaching adapter to the barrel and make it non-NFA?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy


  • steveday72

    I hope whomever buys “Freedom Group” gives Remington a kick up the ass. All of this “Military/LE only” nonsense is such bullshit. The RAHG (handguard) being Remington only pissed me off, now here they go again.

    Maybe it’s all Cerberus’ doing anyway, in which case everyone will be better off when they find a buyer.

  • T-Bone

    Only sold to military and LEO? don’t think so, I was looking at one the other day in the local shop, almost bought it. No restrictions here.

  • Anonymoose

    I can fap to this.

  • Truth Teller

    Ithaca Trench Gun is better.

  • Bill

    poor trigger discipline on the the first promo pic.

    • Mr.B


  • blitzwing

    Law dogs only Funk remington!