Savage Model 110 BA: Left Hand Version Available

Savage 110BA bolt

The Savage Model 110 BA is now available in a left-handed version.  This precise, long range rifle will be set up for left-handed shooters in both .338 Lapua and .300 Win Mag.

The Model 110 BA is a precision rifle marketed for the law enforcement market.  As it is not an NAF-restricted item, anyone with the money can buy the gun.

It uses a detachable box magazine, has the Savage AccuTrigger and a pretty significant muzzle brake to tame recoil.  The guns are fairly hefty, weighing almost 16 pounds.  They have a 26″ barrel.

Savage 110BA

MSRP for this rifle in left-handed trim is $2,465 in either caliber.  This is the same price as the right-handed models.  In other words, no mark up in prices for the left-handed version.  For more information on the model 110 BA, check out the prior article on the gun Steve posted a few years ago.

Richard Johnson

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  • Criticalthinkingiscritical

    I’m guessing NAF-restricted is meant to be NFA-restricted.

    Are there NFA restricted bolt action rifles beyond short barrels and ones with integral sound suppressors? It struck me that mentioning it wasn’t an NFA rifle was like saying a 1911 wasn’t an NFA pistol; not worthy of mention.

    • Maybe it was to clarify that even though it was supposed to be a law enforcement specific gun, there was no legality problem keeping civilians from buying it? I tend to assume there is a legitimate point being made badly rather than complete nonsense when I run into sentences like that.

      • Criticalthinkingiscritical

        I was just explaining my confusion. TFB rarely babbles on without a point so I assumed I was missing it; or more likely didn’t know of an arcane NFA rule.

  • JR-CT

    Has anyone noticed that it appears to be a left hand bolt with a right hand grip? Not a true left handed rifle but an action that lets you cycle the bolt while keeping your eye on the target and your firing hand in place. Surprised that it was missed…