Mako KPOS G2 LB200 “Handgun Support System”

The Mako Group’s KPOS G2 LB200 is an valiant attempt at making a pistol carbine conversion kit that, for legal reasons, does not convert the pistol into a carbine. Instead of having a buttstock the kit has an arm support. This is said to provide a more stable platform both when shooting two handed (on hand on the pistol grip and the other on the foreend) and one handed.


The kit is avalible for the Glock 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32, 37, 38, 21 & 21 SF, the FN 57, the Jericho and the CZ Duty.

Steve Johnson

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  • mikee

    More pistol bling! What’s the point?

    • mikewest007

      No idea, but as a prop master for an indie photo/film group I’m interested. Probably the Chinese will copy it in three months for use with toy guns anyway. 😀

      • Cymond

        There are already airsoft clones of the Hera and Roni SBR conversions for Glocks.

        • mikewest007

          I know, but I just like the KPOS one. The first version was made, then it went off the market for some unknown reason and I can’t get it any more.
          Also, Roni is pretty cool, but Hera is a goddamn brick.

  • 5

    Doesn’t the fore grip make it an AOW?

    • Giolli Joker

      I guess NO, because it’s not vertical…
      Franchi SPAS 12 “one hand operation” hook looks more rugged and cool, MadMax cool…

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        So thats what the hook is for! Learn something new each day.

    • No. Magpul AFGs have been cleared by ATF.

    • Bill

      No it doesn’t. Angled Fore Grips are okay because you can’t wrap your thumb around it like a vertical foregrip. arfcom has links that clear it by the ATF.

  • noob

    Hmm. Would a forearm rest that encircled your arm more be actually more practical than a full sized stock for vehicle borne operations?

  • RichH

    The first sentence says it all, “a valiant attempt”. Which is all it is.

  • 2Wheels

    There’s always someone who’s willing to spend money on silly kits to dress up their handguns…

    • Cymond

      Well it makes a lot more sense for the people in Israel who are only allowed to own ONE handgun (and it’s huge hassle to get a different one). This system originally had a shoulder stock, but the arm brace model was to see them to people in the US who don’t want to register a SBR.

  • West

    It looks a little unsafe to have another pistol/carbine attached to the bottom of the magazine, especially since it’s facing towards the shooter.
    This stuff is getting out of hand.

    • West I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Can you elaborate a bit?

      Anyway this is a new take on an already popular modification in Israel. This started out as a folding stock model and progressed to this model. Israeli’s are only allowed one handgun which is why these modifications were created. This gives the shooter a stable platform to shoot handgun rounds with accuracy at greater differences.

      I have a friend (Double Tapper) who post here at times who is retired from the Isayeret (special forces). He says even the IDF use the folding stock model. He owns one as well for his Glock 17.

      • He’s being a moron, inferring that the top picture actually has a gun slung underneath it when it’s a gun on the table.

      • M.M.D.C.

        He’s talking about the gun in the background (top photo) that looks as if it’s attached to the gun in the foreground. It’s all about perspective. 😉

      • West

        I’m kidding Phil, the top photo looks almost like a gun mounted under a gun but facing the wrong way.

  • El Fishing Musician

    If that foregrip does not make the pistol an AOW, then I want one for my Draco Mini.
    I have not seen this particular version of the KPOS before, but I suspect that even though the maker claims it’s not an AOW or SBR, street cops might have a different idea. Police do frequently arrest folks for having a “sawed off shotgun” when in fact it’s a legal weapon…the officer just never learned ot measure barrel length via a dowel or rod inserted in a barrel with a closed breach. I’m a prosecutor and have seen it somewhat often.
    I’ve seen non-gun enthusiast police officers who wrongly assume that unmodified weapons like .22 AR clones are “machine guns”.
    So I shudder to think what some officer’s view of this apparatus might be.
    I agree with the other posters that a simple Glock pistol with an extended magazine is a better option than outfitting it with all this.

    • IIRC, the angled foregrip does not qualify as a forward grip per say, and does not make it an AOW.

    • Nadnerbus

      As a bit of a tangent, I would be fascinated if you were allowed to do a guest post on the legal front that would have useful but maybe not so well known information for firearm owners to know. Things to do, things to avoid, etc.

      I would just be curious to see the legal perspective of someone who tends to be on the “other side” of the gun lawsuits.

  • Overthetop

    Could something like this be done to an AR pistol without making it an sbr? I’m picturing the arm support clamping to the buffer tube.

    • Bill

      yes, I have seen pictures of one on along with the legal docs from the ATF on why it is acceptable and doesn’t make it a SBR. It was near the end of the ar-15 pistol picture forum I believe. It was just a forearm rest that velcroed to the buffer tub and your forearm.

    • sharpie.david

      I think you could just put the buffer tube on your shoulder.

      Although the buffer tube might be a little too short to do that.

  • Very interesting

  • H.L.

    I’m on the fence as to whether it looks cool, or just weird.

  • I just bought a Sig Sauer ACP (Adaptive Carbine Platform) and a sling helps. But this is interesting.

    • Spencer

      I’m not a fan of pistol carbines, but at least the ACP with sling solution makes sense. This thing is just another dead end design.

  • hot2warm

    why not just put a hollow tube for the whole arm to enter, ala the alien weapon in Laserblast?

  • Lance

    Watch out seen pics that makes this a NFA violation real quick!

  • cc19

    Egads! It’s the fore arm thing that goes down!

    • Nadnerbus

      Better call DiFi, this thing can only be used to spray bullets from the hip.

  • hkmk23

    They will sell a ton to Hollywood. Perfect for cheesy futuristic film props.

  • NickB

    I heard recoil halves when you combined this with the Chin-stock.

    • Drebin

      That would be some funny looking stuff! Solutions to a made up problem, just give us our SBRs back!

  • Bring a fucking rifle or shotgun to gunfight where you would use this POS mod.

    • Duray

      Or perhaps a regular rifle would do?

      • Wallace Jordan

        That would require an additional type of ammo.

    • Wallace Jordan

      So by that logic, the H&K MP5 is a POS.

  • schizuki

    I never thought I’d see anything dumber than the spade grips for the AR-15. Never say never.

  • Psychicmindfighter2050

    When you are all psychic in about 40 years you’ll regret spending money on this!

  • gallan

    A compact weight which makes the pistol heavier, would be a good idea, this would cut down on some recoil and allow a hand hold at the front of the gun. The main factor is the pistol needs to remain concealable on the person.

    No doubt it’s popular in Israel cause they can open carry with sling.

  • Graham 1


  • If I bought one tomorrow, would I be a felon?

    • Wallace Jordan

      Not until you get caught.

  • Spencer

    Am I the only one who thinks having an angled foregrip that reaches out IN FRONT OF THE MUZZLE screams bad idea. Some fudd is going to shoot his hand with that thing.

    P.S. It’s just another solution in search of a problem.

  • Anonimen

    The sale of automatic weapons shoud be forbiden.

  • Aharon

    It is only going to take a minute for the BATFE and DiFi to declare this thing an assault weapon and add arm-supports to their list.

  • Doops McGee


  • Duray

    Isn’t it kind of embarrassing that we as a free people have to resort to this kind of nonsense to get around the absurd regulations in our country? Angled fore grip vs vertical, “arm support” vs shoulder stock. ITS EMBARRASSING to be jumping through these kinds of hoops. Its a gun. It shoots holes in things. Unless its full auto or explosive, what difference do these other details make?

  • Mike

    Patent number?

  • Huh?

    Again? Why must you continue to perpetuate the myth that MAKO is a manufacturer?

  • shadowrundas

    depending on how adjustable the arm brace is i can see the atf saying no to this or some competition for sig as far as arm braces go

  • Randy Maness

    Hmm, Glock 17 + Mako kpos g2 + Lone Wolf 9″ g17 barrel = nice 9mm carbine?